ill og seeds

Ill og seeds

Ill OG by Los Angeles Kush is a True OG backcross that goes three generations deep. This strain’s OG fragrance is all pine and earth, speaking to the heavy, long-lasting physical effects that saddle the body with weighted relaxation. Its carefree buzz makes this stoney indica brilliant best for curbing stress and depression. Couchlock and lethargy tend to be organic side effects, so imagine enjoying this sedating strain later in the evening.

When smoked or converted into an edible form, the flavor of the Ill OG strain is best described as Pine, Diesel, and Citrus.

Strain Flavor

Ill og seeds

Gelato by Gold Leaf Salveo Health and Wellness

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The sativa-dominant hybrid, originally cultivated by the pioneering cannabis breeder DJ Short, serves as Trudeau’s “North Star” and “flavor calibration” when he’s reviewing other strains. In his review, Trudeau compared its taste to a purple Gatorade “in a very good way.”

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“Wonderful cascades of steady euphoria with a moderately-intense body melt. For some, this set of effects will work as a daytime Indica, while for others it’s perfect for total chilling,” he wrote of the strain’s effects, noting that it also has “lots of wide-ranging, medicinal potential, too.”