i love growing marijuana

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I love growing marijuana

That they cater specifically to new growers only adds to their germination guarantee. It just goes to show how confident they are in both their seed genetics and the quality of their educational materials–they are convinced that everyone can achieve results! Not only are they sure, but they’re betting money on it.

One distinguishing feature of ILGM is its germination guarantee. If your seeds do not sprout, you will receive your money back! It is not just any seed bank that may offer a money-back germination guarantee; in fact, most explicitly state that they do not provide any warranties at all.

Strains selection

ILGM claims to have all the best cannabis strains used by cannabis growers around the world. The selection appears limited compared to what other seed banks can offer. What matters most is the quality. In terms of quality, ILGM strives not to dissatisfy its customers.

If your order does not arrive for any reason, most likely due to your order’s loss or confiscation, the company will send you new seeds for free. This may seem too good to be true, but IGLM guarantees it, but it’s exactly what IGLM promises, and they keep their word.

Product Quality

ILGM currently has between 70 and 80 different strains in stock. This means that you will find suitable strains for you, no matter what type of grower you are. It would be best if you looked through their collection for suitable strains.