hydro weed seeds

Hydro weed seeds

When this happens the shell usually falls off on its own as the seedling grows!

I do agree that if the temperature is above 80°F, your plant is a lot more likely to get root rot. However, I personally have not found that cool temperatures are adequate to prevent root rot. Even if the temperature is 60°F, you still need lots of bubbles and a “good bacteria” supplement like Hydroguard to prevent root rot in many cases.

1.) Get Cannabis Seeds

Big cannabis plants ready to switch to the flowering stage

These seedlings were sprouted using the paper towel method!

I’ve found that if the grow space feels cool to you, it also feels cool to your plant most likely, and it may not be growing to its full potential. Some Sativa strains are particularly sensitive to the cold, though some Indica strains from cold climates will still thrive at lower temps.
Autopsy: Why Aren’t My Seeds Sprouting?

The Rapid Rooter in this picture is a little too wet, which makes the seedling prone to “damping off.” If you ever notice the Rapid Rooter actually looks wet or shiny, it’s too much water. Try turning the top-feed off every few hours, or hand-watering the seedling at first. Too much moisture can kill!

Arguably, the most standout feature of Tahoe Hydro OG marijuana is it’s insane THC content – an incredible 30% of the mind-blowing cannabinoid resides in the dense, dark green nugs of the indica-dominant award winner.

Counted among the world’s most potent strains, Tahoe Hydro OG marijuana is not for beginners, though you may be hard pressed to ignore its classic aroma, strongly redolent of lemon, lime, and diesel. If Tahoe Hydro OG happens to tempt you, be sure to clear your calendar because the near immediate effect is a euphoric blast that tapers into a body high best enjoyed from your favorite spot on the couch. For patients, Tahoe Hydro OG marijuaha has benefits in its abilities to blanket mental health concerns, reduce inflammation and put insomnia in its place.

At 30% THC, Tahoe Hydro OG marijuana is one of the most potent on the market, and will put you in a perfect mood as you wind down from your day.


Growing Tahoe Hydro OG marijuana seeds may prove slightly more difficult than your average OG strain, a practiced hand will easily coax the highest THC content and best flavor profile from these plants. Given a warm, sunny climate and about 9 weeks flowering, Tahoe Hydro OG marijuana will be ready for a bountiful harvest.