hydro weed growing systems

Hydro weed growing systems

Here’s how it works:

You also need to find the perfect balance in how much you expose the roots of your plants to the drip/flow. Dripping too much can easily lead to root rot or fungus…while too little can result in stunted growth.

OK, so why would I want to go for a drip system then…?

There are different types of hydroponic growing systems all with their own pros and cons.

Soil is also quite a bit cheaper to start with…although hydroponic growing can earn its high initial capital cost back over time through increased yields and an increase in harvest cycles.

How to keep an aeroponic system clean?

There are some general principles you need to keep in mind when growing hydroponically

Hydro weed growing systems

The diagram below shows the basic components of a simple hydroponics setup for cannabis growers.

Cannabis Hydroponics Basics

Most growers using hydroponics for their cannabis choose to do so indoors. That makes sense from the perspective of optimal control over equipment, lighting, and a bunch of other factors. Such control is slightly trickier to achieve with outdoor grows, but theoretically, hydroponics works perfectly well out in the sunshine. In fact, there are serious plans for using hydroponics as a technique for tackling global hunger issues. Of course, outdoor hydroponics calls for some extra attention to typical open-air factors like the weather, disease, and fungi, but it is certainly an option. A little greenhouse can be a big help, but you don’t strictly need one. What’s more, technology keeps improving all the time, so who knows? You could be running your own water theme park in your back garden come next grow season. At any rate, though, it’s good to know we’ll solve the world’s food problems by the efforts of weed growers such as yourself!

Outdoor Cannabis Grows Using Hydroponics

This system is great at providing nutrients to your plants. If set up efficiently, it also saves water and power. One potential problem is clogged tubing due to roots blocking the flow. That gives bacteria a chance to grow, which of course will negatively impact your plants. Stay sharp while trying NFT!