hydro weed grow time

Hydro weed grow time

Using General Hydroponics’ personalized assistance, clear guides, and straightforward nutrient system, first-time growers can get all the basics for starting their first crop—but once you have the basics down, it’s just as easy to personalize and adapt to every individual grow.

What is hydroponics?

When hydroponic herb rose to prominence in the 1970s, General Hydroponics, now part of Hawthorne Gardening Company, was right there on the ground floor. By 1976, they’d released their three-part Flora Series, the OG cannabis nutrient system that growers still swear by today.

Getting started with a hydroponic cannabis crop

Hydroponics gradually spread from scientists to gardeners and hobbyists. While a lot of them were just growing veggies, it especially caught on with cannabis growers. Cannabis is a unique plant with very specific lighting, humidity, and nutritional needs, and hydroponics gave them a level of control they’d never had before. It made it easier than ever to avoid pesticides, too, since many common pests require soil to thrive.

Hydro weed grow time

Benefits of Hydro Over Soil

Today I’ll teach you how to set up your hydroponic reservoir for growing cannabis, and I’ll show you what you need to do each day for optimum growth

Have you seen cannabis plants growing with their roots just floating in a reservoir of water? This type of hydroponics is known as Deep Water Culture (DWC), and has been around for over a 100 years! As more growers gain experience with this medium, DWC has become increasingly popular for growing cannabis. Hydroponic setups are really neat and offer some big benefits over growing in soil!

Hydroponics is when you grow your cannabis plant in an inert medium like coco or a reservoir of water, and provide all the nutrients to the plant directly in the water.

When it comes to hydroponic cannabis…

How to Grow Cannabis in DWC

Cons of Hydro

Hydro weed grow time

Growers who have a system in their basement often make an elementary mistake. They place their nutrient reservoir at the side of the grow table. When they need to ‘flush,’ they find that a bucket is the only way to drain their tank.

The pH of a growing medium has a profound effect on its nutrient uptake. If you grow marijuana outside the right range, your plants will experience ‘nutrient lockout.’ From there, it doesn’t take long for cannabis nutrient deficiencies to manifest. However, it isn’t merely a case of allowing the pH to remain at a certain point. It is necessary to enable fluctuations within the specific range.

Although you submerge the roots in water, the oxygenated air pumps ensure they receive ample oxygen.

The cultivation method of the …

Keep Records

All hydroponic systems must provide oxygen, water, and a host of nutrients to marijuana plants. Nutrients include:

If the pH level is out of the optimal range, there are special ‘pH +’ and ‘pH – ‘products on the market. If you are using tap water in your reservoir, the pH will likely be above 6.5 as the water is close to 7.0. It usually only takes 1-2ml of the solution per gallon of water to make a positive difference. Stir the product into the water and wait for up to 30 minutes to test the pH again. Repeat the process if the pH remains outside the 5.5 to 6.5 range.

While there is a wide range of growing mediums, five of them stand out. Please note that each option varies in its ability to retain water and allow oxygen in.

The Fix – Map out a Plan

You should find the so-called ‘plug and play’ hydroponic systems that provide everything you need to get started. Even so, here is an essential list of things you’ll need for a starter system:

NFT is a complex system and involves pumping your water solution from the reservoir to your planting tube. It is common to use large PVC tubing angled at a slight decline. This tactic ensures that when the water drains down the pipe, it passes by the roots of all marijuana plants before it gets recycled in the container.