how to use c02 for growing weed

How to use c02 for growing weed

The situation changes if you are using more light than your cannabis garden can utilize naturally. In that case, adding extra carbon dioxide is worth your while because it will result in increased photosynthesis.

If you use fluorescent lights or another low-powered source of light, there should be enough CO2 in the air for your weed to grow. You will not see an increase in yield if there’s already enough CO2 in the atmosphere, and you add more.

How to Introduce Additional CO2 to a Garden

By causing your plants to produce extra energy from the same amount of light, you then notice a difference. This small measure should reward you with a boost in growth and an increase in the overall yield size.

CO2 Generators

Today, CO2 levels in the atmosphere are at an average of 405 ppm. This is the highest recorded level in over 800,000 years! For reference, the average level was a little above 330 ppm in 1980.

How to use c02 for growing weed

Because cannabis plants use CO2 to “ breathe”, a high concentration (1200-1500PPM) of carbon dioxide allows you to have higher temperatures in the growing room, being able to reach up to 30°C.

Carbon dioxide can be used in the vegetative and flowering stage but plants only need CO2 when performing photosynthesis so you should only inject it when the lights are turned on.


Dry ice basically is solid and cold CO2 which gets released when it gets warm, making it an effective short-term solution but not a very good long-term solution due to the cost; This is because you will have to add the dry ice every day (or even multiple times per day) which can get a bit expensive depending on how you’ll be using it.

If you’re an experienced grower and have a top notch growing space, injecting CO2 can help you grow bigger plants that produce better quality and bigger buds.

3. Pros and cons of CO2

Composting is similar to the fermentation process because it will also produce small amounts of CO2 and also produce a bad odor inside your grow space.