how to mix soil for growing weed

How to mix soil for growing weed

This plant is growing in Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil

Bad Cannabis Soil
Don’t use dirt from outside! It almost never works, especially if it looks like this!

Good Cannabis Soil
This soil has quite a bit of perlite, which is a good choice if you plan to feed heavily with nutrients and supplements since the extra perlite prevents nutrient buildup in the soil

Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil

Although that list looks vague and complicated at the same time, the requirements you want to meet are actually pretty simple; let me break it down!

What should you look for in good cannabis soil?

If you get the soil part right, you have almost everything you need to get to harvest! With the correct texture, drainage and water retention, you’ve got a perfect base. Add good soil cannabis nutrients, especially in the budding phase, and you should get to harvest with great results!

More About Common Amendments to Alter Texture, Drainage & Water Retention of Soil

Coco Coir

Their Ocean Forest soil mix is “hotter” soil (higher levels of nutrients) that contains ingredients that cannabis plants love, including earthworm castings, bat guano, fish meal and crab meal. The nutrients contained in the soil will provide everything your plant needs for several weeks. Although it might give young seedlings just a touch of nutrient burn at first, they can be started in Ocean Forest soil and will soon be able to use the nutrients and start growing quickly. Some growers might put a little big of Happy Frog on top of a container of Ocean Forest, just to make it a little more gentle for seedlings the first week or two.

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How to mix soil for growing weed

Here you’ll learn exactly what makes soil super and why you should consider using it as a cannabis cultivator. You’ll also learn step-by-step exactly how to grow weed with super soil.

What is a super soil?

Before you decide if super soils are right for your cannabis plants, it’s a good idea to be aware of any potential drawbacks. Here are some disadvantages of growing with super soil:

Disadvantages of super soil

Once you have completed all these steps, the final product will be an organic soil ready to use for indoor or outdoor cannabis cultivation. The recipe is appropriate for any type of pot and any size batch you wish to produce. You can also think of your creation as smart soil as it will be mostly maintenance-free.