how to make a hydroponic grow box for weed

How to make a hydroponic grow box for weed

Now that we have established LED the King of Cannabis Lighting, let’s move forward.

Hydroponic Grow Room Setup-Grow Light Timing

HID light provides the most accurate environment for the plant to nurture, but there is a catch. They require great energy in the form of heat, which leads to the need for a ventilation system. Moreover, HID lamps also need a ballast, so you need to invest in that too.

Hydroponic Grow Room Setup-Marijuana Lighting

Metal Halide lights come the closest to the regular light and are preferred for the vegetative phase of the plant due to the blue wavelength of light produced. It promotes bushy and compact growth and is, therefore, better for the early stage of growth.

How to make a hydroponic grow box for weed

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Why do I need 2 different lights?

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