how to keep weeds from growing through fence

How to keep weeds from growing through fence

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I dug down a bit sprayed round up, nailed plastic to bottom of fence and laid in rocks or brick to hide plastic. Created a barrier.

I want to keep my neighbor’s weeds from growing under my fence into my flowers and mulch. He doesn’t take care of his yard and I constantly have to pull his weeds out from under my wooden fence. Is there anything I can put behind my fence or some idea how to stop this.

Pour straight vinegar along bottom of fence line soaking the plants/weeds it will kill them or use Round-Up along fence line. Sink some edging down into ground along your side of fence some roots grow deep 6″s.

What type of plastic? Like, what was its original intended use?

Dig a small trench along your fence. Put down some plastic or landscape fabric and fill with gravel.

Try pouring boiling water on the weeds as they appear. Yes this will take time but will not harm the soil, is chemical free and kills the weeds roots and all. Also create a barrier along the fence line. You can use something as simple as garden edging, dig it into the ground and ensure it is hard against the fence at the top to stop light getting between the fence and the barrier.

How to keep weeds from growing through fence

I have exactly the same problem so will be greatfull for any ideas


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I agree with the physical barrier idea – it’s really the only way to stop the weeds. Above ground you can fix wind netting to the fence to hold them back.

How to keep weeds from growing through fence

Your lawnmower can easily roll over bricks or past liriope. If your region isn’t suitable for liriope, plant something else that is low maintenance and will hide weeds.

To separate the soil from the roots, knock the plant against something until the roots are exposed. Rinse them off with water.

Before propagating any plant asexually (such as by division or cuttings), make sure it isn’t patented.

Against a fence, a grass-like plant called liriope definitely looks better than overgrown turf grass. It’s also extremely low-maintenance, perennial, and doesn’t need to be mowed. Make sure you plant Liriope muscari, not Liriope spicatathe latter spreads quickly, making it unsuitable for borders.

How To Keep Grass From Growing Under Your Fence By Planting Liriope Muscari As A Border – Step By Step

The easiest way to propagate Liriope muscari is by dividing mature plants. If you don’t already have some, see if a neighbor does. You can also order Liriope muscari plants online.

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Liriope does best with a soil pH of 6.0 – 7.0. Most varieties grow well in shade, although some tolerate full sun. Liriope muscari grows best in Zones 5 – 10, although it may not survive winter in northern parts of Zone 5.

What You’ll Need To Keep Grass From Growing Under Your Fence By Planting Liriope Muscari As A Border

Dig planting holes along the fence, either a foot apart or at the spacing recommendations for your Liriope muscari variety. Till the soil about six inches down and mix in some finished compost.

Here are the steps on how to use Liriope Muscari as a border: