how to grow weed outdoors in pots

How to grow weed outdoors in pots

Container gardening is a viable option for cultivators with limited space. In this guide, we look at how it works for cannabis plants.

What Is Container Gardening?

Clean Your Gardening Tools: The same applies to your gardening tools. The trichomes on marijuana can get sticky and jam up your shears, so make sure you’re cleaning all your tools regularly.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Container Growing Cannabis

As the plant grows, you must transplant it into exceedingly large containers. When the leaves reach the edge of the pot, it’s time to transplant again.

How to grow weed outdoors in pots

Caterpillars are one of the most common cannabis pests for outdoor growers. They will eat leaves and may even tunnel through the middle of your buds.

Nutrient companies seem to have reached a status quo imo. They all seem to sell different variations and packagings of the same ingredients. Buy what you can afford. Keep it simple. The sun brings the food, nutes are the vitamins. When it comes to nutrients, you can use just the “base nutrients” or you can get the whole line (which also includes additional supplements that are nice but not necessary).

Are you ready to start growing cannabis outdoors? If you’re a wannabe grower looking for a quick and basic tutorial on how to grow weed outside, this is it. Check out these plants and learn how to grow plants just like them yourself!

How often do you water seedlings?

4.) Water plants regularly

I germinate seeds in RootRiot plugs (the extra michoryzae is nice!) I drop the seed in water(shot glass in a dark spot for a day or two usually) until the tap root pops out and is about half an inch long.

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How to Start Growing Cannabis Outdoors

For photoperiod plants the exact timing depends on your local latitude, but are typically ready to harvest in mid to late fall. Harvest here runs from mid-September to early November for those late sativas.

When growing cannabis outdoors, it’s important to find a private spot with easy access to water and 6+ hours of direct sun each day.