how to grow weed indoors steps

How to grow weed indoors steps

The hardest part of growing cannabis for many new growers is waiting for the right time to harvest.

Growing outdoors is cheaper to get started since you don’t have to get grow lights or create an indoor grow area, though you will have to worry about privacy/stealth, possible pollination, people stealing your plants, bugs, deer and other unexpected outdoor visitors.

Just keep the Rapid Rooters moist (but not soaking) and warm. It can help to put your tray on a seedling heat mat. Seedlings should pop in a few days to a week.

Growing indoors is much more private than growing outdoors and you also get more control over your grow.

Step 8: Flowering Stage

The flowering stage is where your plant goes through “puberty” and basically reveals whether they are a boy or a girl.

Some growers will always get lucky and successfully grow weed without testing the pH of their water, but most people who don’t test for pH will start seeing signs of nutrient deficiencies and other nutrient problems.

If you are considering this for the first time, you may be surprised to learn that, because of the way the laws about customs work in America, it is actually reliable and safe to buy your cannabis seeds online from a reputable seed bank as long as you get it from outside the US (sending seeds from one place to another in the US can get you in big trouble though!).

Step 2: Choose Your Grow Light – What kind of light do you need to grow cannabis successfully?

Metal Halide (MH) & High-Pressure Sodium (HPS)

This is the stage where your plants start making buds. This stage will last until harvest!

How to grow weed indoors steps

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