how to grow weed in water bottle

How to grow weed in water bottle

The plants take in their required nutrition both from the water and the air, therefore, it’s necessary to maintain a perfect atmosphere in your hydroponic system.

Although initially it was meant for just vegetables and garden plants, it was soon realized that this is a smart method of growing weed / marijuana.

Hydroponic weed is the method of growing weed such that each plant grows in a flow or bath of water that is heavily oxygenated and highly enriched with beneficial nutrients . No soil is used in this process, and instead, the plant grows in a sterile, inert growing medium.

All of the nutrients required for the weed to grow are mixed in a solution in the water in which the growth process takes place. This unique method of growing plants took birth over a century ago when it was created by William Frederick Gericke.

Growing Weed Using Hydroponics

The word “hydroponics” is derived from Latin that literally translates to “water working”.

Cannabis, or weed, has the ability to grow almost anywhere, be it under different climates or varying conditions. In fact, growing weed at home has a lot of pretty straightforward approaches, and one of the ways to do it is by using hydroponics.

In a hydroponic system, the plants don’t need to expend energy growing big root webs to absorb the nutrients. This is because they are set up so that they are able to consume all the nutrients directly.

As you can tell, growing hydroponically can get complicated and expensive. That’s why we recommend growing with natural soil, especially for beginners.

If you’re looking to grow your own cannabis plant, consider a Pot for Pot’s all natural complete soil growing kits.

How to grow weed in water bottle

The key way to keep pot plants healthy is to ensure they’re both watered regularly and given the right amount of light. There’s a fine line when it comes to watering plants, and we often fall into the trap of overwatering. Luckily, gardening expert David Domoney has a handy tip to ensure your plants get just the right level of hydration.

Speaking on British day-time TV show This Morning, he explained the hack. It involves making some holes in a small water bottle – he uses a screwdriver to do so. Then, you need to fill the bottle with water, and place it in the middle of the soil in a plant pot.

Gardening lovers can keep on top of watering pot plants with David Domoney’s water bottle hack this summer – just make sure you make small holes so the water is released gradually. Monitoring how much water is soaked up might also help you to know how much water they tend to drink.

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