how to grow weed from seed without lights

How to grow weed from seed without lights

One reason indoor growers work so hard to manipulate the growing climate with light-, temperature-, and humidity-control systems is that different cultivars have different needs and preferences.

When growing in your home’s natural environment, choose a strain that will best match up with the general temperature and humidity of your home. If you use air conditioning in the summer, then you might want to select an indica-dominant cultivar that can thrive in milder temperatures. If your home is hot and humid during the summer, then a sativa-dominant strain might be a better choice.

Autoflowering plants begin flowering automatically based on their maturation. When they reach a particular age, they flower, regardless of how much sunlight/darkness they are getting. These plants do not require the complete darkness that photoperiod plants do, meaning you could leave them out and about overnight and they will be fine. Another reason you might want to choose an autoflower variety is if you’re short on time since their growth cycle is shorter than it is for photoperiod plants.

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Pro tip: don’t set your cannabis plant on fire. Photo by: Dimitri Newman/Weedmaps

Successfully growing a cannabis plant indoors is all about covering the plant’s basic needs: air, light, temperature, water, and nutrients. So, if you get those things right, your homegrown cannabis plant could provide much more than a fun experiment. And considering that indoor cannabis plants can grow a few feet tall and equally wide, you should anticipate young plants to take up more space by the time they reach maturity.

Consider your indoor climate when choosing a strain

Keep a grow journal. There are many ready-made journals tailored specifically for growing cannabis. You can also grab a pad or notebook and jot down daily details on watering, feeding nutrients, the days or weeks in a particular growth phase (vegetation, flowering), any insects or mold issues, and so on. Having a record of a plant’s full life-cycle will help improve future plants.

There are two types of plants a grower might consider: autoflowering varieties or photoperiod varieties. Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

How to grow weed from seed without lights

Most of the available information on the indoor cultivation of marijuana bases on the use of artificial light. This does not mean that growing weed indoors without lights will not produce good results. Growing your weed under natural sunlight works well providing you have a light room that also has good ventilation.

Growing Marijuana Indoors with Natural Light

The most common indoor areas that can easily access natural light are Porches and window sills, skylights, and translucent roofs, greenhouses, and lean-tos are all possible garden sights for natural light cultivation. Therefore, if around your house there happens to be an area that can supply the plants with five hours of direct sunlight, which is just perfect for growing.

Relationship between marijuana plants and sunlight rays

Even with the growing fame of the legalization of marijuana, there still remain a certain percentage of people not in support. It is for this reason that so many private growers will not come out right to let their neighbors know that they are growing it indoors because of the fear of scrutiny. With growing marijuana indoors using natural light, the positioning of these strains is most likely going to be in a place that will easily be detected by your neighbor.