how to grow the best weed in the world

How to grow the best weed in the world

In any case, growing cannabis from ‘bagseed’ is an easy way to lower your chances of growing great weed. In a best case scenario with bagseed, you’ll get a female seed as good as one from a seed bank. In a not-even-the-worst-case-scenario, you could get a male seed that grows a runt plant from a weak strain. Or even worse…it’s not even cannabis!

To get a step-by-step tutorial on the drying and curing processes, see our article on


How to grow the best weed in the world

CBD Products – varies on state

Medicinal – Legal


CBD Products – Illegal

Recreational – Illegal


CBD Products – Legal

How to grow the best weed in the world

This is because adding more light will increase your yields up to a certain point, but eventually your plant just stops responding to more light. At this point, no matter how much light you add, your yields stay the same (or possibly even get worse due to light burn or heat stress).

Humidity stumps a lot of new growers and causes several unexpected problems.

Bloom Enhancers

Night temperatures should be kept around 68-75°F (20°-24°C) for most strains. Too-cool temps increase the chances of bud rot, which thrives in the 60°F (15°C) range, and freezing temperatures can actually damage or even kill your plants.

5.) Maintain Proper Temperature and Humidity

But if you were to focus on just ONE thing to improve with your grow, the factor that makes the biggest difference to your quality (besides the strain) is the drying and curing process.

Supplements in the Flowering Stage

Sugar or Carbohydrates

Lower humidity levels in the flowering stage helps promote trichome production, which increases the amount of “glitter” you see on buds