how to grow marijuana outside in florida

How to grow marijuana outside in florida

From the desert states of Arizona and New Mexico to the more tropical regions such as the Carolinas and Florida, these states benefit from lots of sunshine and warmer weather. In these states, the key to growing cannabis outside in pots is to plant on the earlier side if you’re organized early enough. Place your pots outside as early as March, although April is fine too.

Autoflowering plants, however, take exactly how long you are told they will. In other words, the information about the growing time of the strain will be accurate, since it is not based on daylight or nighttime hours. In general, autoflowering plants grow faster than photosensitive plants – taking roughly 3 months to go from germination to harvest. That means you can either be a bit relaxed with the timing, as long as you have three months of adequate sunshine and warmer weather. This also means those who are super proactive can grow cannabis outside twice in one season – doubling their harvest. If you want to do it that way, it is best to germinate and grow your plants a bit inside before moving them outdoors, just to ensure a surprise frost doesn’t hit them.

Lots of people would like to know how long it takes to grow a cannabis plant outside. You need this information because you want to get your plant(s) out early enough, but not too early. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer.

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Northern States

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Northwestern states, especially Oregon and Washington, have to deal with rain as one of the biggest concerns. The best time to grow cannabis outside here is in early spring, which can be different from year to year, depending on the weather, but primarily meaning March or April. Sometimes May can be a good time to start, depending on how cool the weather has been that year. Keep in mind, autoflowering plants have a shorter growing time, so waiting until the later side is not a bad idea for these strains. This helps ensure good weather and more sunshine from the get-go.

A Pot for Pot, on the other hand, makes planning and executing a marijuana home grow super simple. The Complete Grow Kit provides just about everything you need to nurture a successful plant in as few as 80 days. All that’s left for you is selecting your seeds, adding some water, and providing plenty of sunshine.

Can You Grow Cannabis Outside?

For many, the idea of outdoor growing paints a mental picture of working in your backyard or a community garden, tending lovingly to your plants every day. But this is not always possible, either because you want to keep your plants discreet or because you simply don’t have space for it. Even if you don’t have the best place to grow cannabis outside, a Pot for Pot Complete Kits can help. Simply set your potted plant on your balcony or patio. Of course, you don’t need a kit to grow a potted plant. However, if you choose to ‘do-it-yourself,’ you’d have to plan, buy, and assemble everything yourself as well. With that comes the opportunity to make critical mistakes that could ruin your entire investment. If you’re only going to grow one or two plants, don’t you want to ensure that they succeed and produce something worth your effort?

Note: This information is based on climate rather than laws. It’s still a good idea to check into your state’s local laws to see if and what you can grow.

It is a good Idea to return to your plot after heavy rains during flowering to shake excess water off of the plant. This helps to reduce mold and rot that can destroy crops. You can also check to see how the soil is draining. You may also need to do some cleaning around the area. Pick up any debris that may have fallen on your plant or fencing.

The Site of the Guerilla grow is very important. Several things must be taken in account. Security, Sunshine, Soil, and water.


Sunshine is always abundant here. You just need to find a good spot that has plenty of it. Your Plants need atleast 5-6 hours of direct sunlight daily to thrive. Any less and your yields will suffer. You may also invite mold into the plant. Morning sun is best for many reasons. For starters, It isn’t as harsh as the dry evening sun. Another thing to consider is it allows the plants to dry off more quickly from the evening dew, limiting mold growth. The morning sun also gets the plants woke up and started earlier in their growing.

You should plant after the last hard frost, which in Florida is usually late February- Early march. however, the best time to plant is after the daylight hours are long enough to facilitate vegetative growth, which in the Sunshine State is mid to late April.

Living in one of the most populated states in the country, it can get difficult to find a secret place well away from prying eyes. A good rule is to walk atleast 30 minutes from any well established trails. This gives you some peace of mind in ensuring nobody stumbles upon your grow accidentally. You should also follow common Guerilla techniques. Do not take a straight line to your grow. Do your best not to leave any trails or evidence for other to follow you to the grow site, and as always DO NOT speak of your grow to anyone that doesn’t absolutely need to know about it! You may enlist the help of 1 close friend to help. If word about the grow gets out, you know who to go to.

You mean you actually made it all the way to harvest? Your crop didn’t all rot away during the rainy season? Good job!

Water is another thing to consider. You can get your water from a cew places. Nearby lake or stream, Rain, or from home. A Nearby lake or stream is a must when growing. Natural springs are located all over the state. We have a very high water table, so finding surface water shouldn’t be too difficult. Rainfall varies from one part of the state to the other. The Panhandle seems to get more rainfall than the peninsula, but we can all agree, that we all see our share of rain here. This is both a blessing and a curse. along with our high water table, it allows less frequent trips to the grow site during the hot summer months (Majority of rainfall from June-Sept) It also invites moisture that promotes Bud Rot. Ways to combat this will be discussed later on.

Routinely check for pests. Insects, fungus, and other critters love our babies too. Use a good organic/environmentally friendly pesticide and fungicide. Spray the plants often during vegetative growth and leave some other native plants untreated, this encourages the pests to go for the untreated plants.

The second biggest job to the Guerilla grower is watering the plant during drought. when it hasn’t rained for a few days, you will need to water the plants.