how to grow marijuana at home outdoors

Low costs

Benefits of growing weed outdoors

You can make this yourself by combining worm castings, bat guano, and other components with a good soil and letting it sit for a few weeks, or it can be purchased pre-made from a local nursery or grow shop.

Loam soils

Don’t underestimate the therapeutic value of gardening. It’s relaxing to spend some time outside, roll up your sleeves, and get your hands dirty for a while. And there’s nothing better than smoking something you grew yourself.

Water is a crucial component to growing healthy cannabis plants, so plan accordingly. Low-lying spots can hold excessive amounts of water, especially if the soil is clay, while high spots may lose most of their water to runoff. Mother Nature won’t always cooperate with a suitable amount of rain. You can ensure the right amount with maximum efficiency by watering with a drip irrigation kit.

Soil is important too. As mentioned above, clay soils don’t drain well, so you will need to add compost and other organic matter if clay is a problem. Sandy soils drain well but don’t hold fertilizer efficiently. If your soil has lots of sand, you should also augment it with organic matter.

Water, Soil & More

Your first and most important decision will be deciding where exactly to grow your plants. Cannabis plants like lots of sun and prefer temperatures in the 70s or low 80s Fahrenheit. Try to plant them in a sunny spot where they won’t be shaded by trees, buildings and other sun-blockers. Too much wind can damage plants, but a gentle breeze can help aerate them and prevent disease, mold and fungus.

For many folks, growing outdoors will provide the easiest option. You can take advantage of Mother Nature’s free bounty of sun and water to help your plants grow. Also, growing outside means you won’t have to invest in building or buying an appropriate structure. To help you achieve success, we here at DripWorks are happy to provide this primer on how to grow marijuana outdoors.

Fertilizing & Setting a Schedule

In addition to regularly watering your pot plants when they need it, make sure to fertilize them properly. Marijuana plants need the proper mix of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to thrive. Many fertilizers premixed for cannabis are on the market. If you prefer, you can mix your own with fertilizers you purchase or have on hand. Feed and water your plants throughout the growing season, making sure not to overdo it. With drip irrigation in particular, fertilizer injectors will help you with this.