how to grow big weed buds

How to grow big weed buds

I will cover 5 easy ways to increase your indoor marijuana yields at harvest time, no matter which strain you’re growing!

Total care explained step-by-step… indoors… outdoors…

The idea of LST is to manually force your plant to grow flat and wide, as opposed to tall and thin, usually using bending.

How to grow big weed buds

As a general rule, during the vegetative stage, for every 13 square feet of growing area, provide 400 Watts of light. During the flowering stage, increase the wattage to 600 Watts to cover the same area.

The same is true for the large fan leaves at the bottom of the marijuana plant. By defoliating the fan leaves, you can improve airflow and increase the amount of light that the lower nodes receive. Naturally, removing the fan leaves will mean that more energy is distributed to other parts of the plant, including the cannabis buds. So, if you want to increase the size of the marijuana plant’s buds, then defoliation is one of the simplest methods, to begin with.

If your goal is to grow bigger marijuana plants that produce high yields, then choosing the correct type of grow lights for your indoor grow room is essential. Many indoor growers recommend HPS grow lights, but you could also use fluorescents; however, they are a more expensive option.

The Right Lighting for Your Cannabis Plants

If you leave your marijuana plants alone, they usually develop a large stalk with several smaller stems growing around it. The big stalk will produce an impressive cola. However, the plant’s height dictates where the lights must be placed when growing indoors. As a consequence, the lower branches receive far less light, which negatively impacts growth.

While the plant’s sugar leaves are coated in THC-rich trichomes, there is a far more concentrated amount in the buds. This is why experienced growers take pride in the resinous buds their plants produce after several hard months of work.

No matter what anyone tells you, gardening – especially growing marijuana with big buds – is a difficult skill to learn. It takes time and patience to master. It is unlikely that you will produce monster buds at the first attempt. So, don’t put too much pressure on yourself to do so.

Growing Bigger Buds – The Essentials

You also need to make sure that the grow room temperature and humidity are at the optimal levels from seedling to harvest. To grow buds that are massive and produce high yields, you also have to increase the light intensity and C02 levels accordingly during the flowering stage.

For the uninitiated, a plant’s node is where a branch or leaf grows off the stalk. The node is also where you’ll find your cannabis buds. The bigger the plant, the more nodes spring up. As a result, there are more places where buds can grow. However, don’t make the mistake of assuming that an increase in nodes automatically means more abundant and bigger buds.