how to grow 10 pounds of weed

How to grow 10 pounds of weed

If you start with the right strain genetics, you will have a better chance of an increase in your yield as long as you care for your cannabis plant throughout the growing season.

How much can a weed plant yield, in terms of pounds per plant? This is one of the most commonly asked questions by new marijuana growers. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t so simple. Yields can be unpredictable and vary wildly.

In order to have the best possible chance of growing up to 10 lb with a few plants or in a single cannabis plant one day, follow our cannabis cultivation tips listed below.


Growing indoors in a tent or climate-controlled room, in the beginning, gives your plants plenty of time for their vegetative growth, which focuses on growing the stems and leaves. This plant growth is needed to absorb light from the light source and produce the energy needed for vigorous growth.

Generally, outdoor-grown plants tend to produce a higher yield compared to indoor-grown plants. As a new or seasoned cannabis grower, there are a few ways you can improve your yield.

How many grams in a pound= 453.592 grams

Cannabis yields vary by plant depending on their climate, growing environment, and genetics. And, with home cultivation limits, you can only grow so many plants in your home if weed is legal in your state.

Whether you’re growing indoors or outdoors to start, it is wise to allow your plant to have an extended vegetative stage where it can fully grow its stems and leaves. Ideally, you want to keep it in this veg growth stage for as long as you can. Make sure you have enough indoor space to accommodate your plant growth.

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How to grow 10 pounds of weed

5 plants grown with the HLG 300 R-Spec using above techniques – 9.34 oz

When cutting through a stem, be careful not to damage the growing tips at the base of each leaf. These will become your two new stems.

Multi-pound harvest with just 4 plants!

3.) Grow Light is Key to Yields!

Main Idea: Don’t initiate the flowering stage until plants have reached 1/2 the final desired size.

Here’s an example of training plants to grow wide and flat for more bud sites and bigger yields.

You can only yield so much from a small plant. Bigger plants can produce a lot more weed than small plants. Just make sure you don’t let plants get too big or your space quickly gets overgrown. Growing plants to the perfect size for your setup leads to the best harvest.

1.) Grow Bigger Plants

At harvest, this plant was just over 18″ (46 cm) tall, yet yielded several ounces because it was trained to grow wide and flat. Talk about making the most out of one small plant!

3 plants grown with the HLG 100 using the techniques above – 5.5 oz