how to eliminate the smell of growing weed

How to eliminate the smell of growing weed

If you choose to use carbon filters, these may be a little expensive at first, but remember that it is the method most used by professional growers to eliminate the smell of marijuana in indoor crops, so it is much more advisable to spend the money on one that is of good quality because the result will be much better and will last much longer.

Lemon and cloves: if you have your plantation in a small wardrobe, this technique consists of cutting one or more lemons in half, nailing a few cloves into it and placing it next to the plantation. The strong smell of lemon and cloves, mask the smell of marijuana, but you must remember to change the lemon and cloves every two or three days so that the properties and smell of lemon are not lost.

The cannabis gives off a smell that can become an inconvenience, especially if you decide to do an indoor cultivation, and live in a community of neighbors, as is usually the case. Then eliminate the smell of marijuana is really vital, to avoid being betrayed by the smell of your neighbors, (which will undoubtedly bother) and receive an unexpected visit from law enforcement authorities.

Negative ion generators

A glass of vinegar : It is known that the smell of vinegar is very strong and therefore is also a good option if you choose a homemade method, the strong smell of vinegar hides very well the smell of marijuana, for this to happen you must put a glass next to the plantation and like the technique of lemon and nails, you have to remember to change the glass of vinegar every two or three days so that the properties are not lost and the smell of marijuana does not prevail.

Ozone generators can be of two forms, those that distribute the ozone by the room doing effect inside the room or those that purify the air and the odors that go out to the outside through the ventilation duct.

Homemade methods of concealing the smell of marijuana

The generators of negative ions can serve as much for small plantations as for the great cultures of interior, since they do not need to be connected to any device of escape.

These are some of the anti smells you can have, to hide the smell of your indoor cultivation of cannabis.

How to eliminate the smell of growing weed

3. Deodorization

Biofiltration systems use live materials such as bark and mulch to collect and biologically degrade odors and contaminants. While biofiltration is common in large operations like waste facilities, it’s not generally recommended for grow facilities as it takes up valuable growing space and needs to be carefully controlled.

An odor masking agent is an extremely short-term solution, similar to a cologne or perfume – it’s used to mask cannabis odors without changing the chemical structure or eliminating the VOCs.

2. Odor Neutralizer

Odor neutralizers eliminate cannabis odors at the molecular level by altering the chemical state of odors.