how to discreetly grow weed outside

How to discreetly grow weed outside

Cannabis legalization gains pace every day, but more than half of the nation’s police force will still put you in jail for growing weed. That is, if they catch you. We told you all about how to get away with growing indoors in the “Growroom Security Guide” feature in the July issue of High Times, but what about growing outdoors?

Pick The Strain Right

Grow experts normally recommend pruning for a lot of reasons, but for stealth growing it’s pretty much a must. Cutting the main stem during the vegetative stage of growth stimulates branching and growth from side-shoots, eventually leading to a bushier plant. The bushy shrub-shape differs significantly from the typical pine tree look of un-pruned pot plants. Also, consider cutting off those big fan leaves after on a regular basis. Fan leaves act like flags on a pot plant; the recognizable pattern shouts its identity from much farther away than you want it to.

Keep Good Company

Certain sativas like Durban Poison, Jack Herer and crosses thereof have very mild smells. Girl Scout Cookies, for example, is an extremely smelly strain that charcoal filters can barely handle; anything with Kush genetics will likely be comparably smelly. You might even want to consider planting Ducksfoot, the legendary strain whose fan leaves resemble a webbed duck’s foot. The fan leaves look pretty crazy and unfamiliar, but the leaves around the buds are normal pot leaves like we know and love. We’re not entirely clear on the best place to obtain Ducksfoot genetics, but check out some of these forums for more information as well as pictures of the Ducksfoot.

How to discreetly grow weed outside

As obvious as it might seem, one of the most common reasons why plants are stolen is due to word of mouth. Avoid telling people that you are planning on growing cannabis plants outdoors. Even if you really trust your family and friends, there is still the possibility of someone telling someone else; eventually, the information could reach somebody interested in making bad use out of it. If you don’t tell anyone, the risk of someone finding out about it is nearly non-existent.

Outdoor marijuana grows have been increasing over the past few years, but unfortunately, their robbery has also increased, which means outdoor growers have to prepare themselves to prevent their plants from being stolen.

It’s very important to keep the grow area neat, clean and tidy during the entire process. Bits and pieces like leaves, roots or pruning leftovers could call the attention of thieves and nosy neighbors.

These types of grows need to be pruned in an apical way, as this technique provokes a sudden development slowdown of the plants’ stem, promoting only branching growth, which is perfect for this cultivation system.

Other Forms of Hiding Marijuana Grows Outdoors

Camouflage nets are a very popular item to hide marijuana plants outside as they are suitable for balconies, fields or chalets and conceal plants very efficiently. These nets were initially used to separate fields or perform agricultural or gardening tasks, but over the years, they’ve become very popular to increase the privacy of fences and short walls as they offer great intimacy and sunshade.

Nowadays, it’s very easy to see them being used in residential areas, chalets or gardens. Placed behind a wall with bushes it will camouflage all the posterior plants; giving the impression that the bushes are the ones stopping the visibility.

How to hide a marijuana grow outdoors is something that usually concerns beginner growers that have just adventured themselves into outdoors cannabis cultivation; but even expert growers are interested in learning about new ways to increase their crops’ discretion. All growers are generally interested in growing their marijuana plants and enjoying their fantastic and recreational properties without risking them getting stolen by heartless thieves.

Camouflage Nets

Apart from the methods already mentioned throughout this article, there are efficient methods to hide marijuana grows in open spaces. A very popular system is to grow other types of plants to help conceal the crop. Bamboo, tomato plants, corn, ambrosia and other ornamental plants will serve this purpose successfully.

Of course, the aroma that emanates from marijuana plants is very characteristic and also needs concealing. Planting aromatic plants near the crop such as jasmine, lavender, mint, rosemary, basil, peppermint or thyme will help disguise the scents. Another good option is to use manure during the flowering period, as its nasty smell is very dissuasive.