how to control smell when growing weed

How to control smell when growing weed

Odor control helps keep the smell low and prying eyes away from the grow room.

Security and Safety

Both standing and oscillating fans provide varying levels of air circulation that not only keeps the air clean but also removes the odor when paired with an air duct and an exhaust fan.

How To Control Weed Odor

At A Pot for Pot , we’re dedicated to making cannabis growing straightforward and easy-to-maintain. With that in mind, here’s our guide to smell-proofing your grow room.

How to control smell when growing weed

More importantly, ozone generators are actually bad for YOU!

We all love the idea of having pure air to breathe. Many air purifiers come with the claim of reducing smells, usually by means of a filter. Do these work to get rid of smells in a marijuana grow room?

Note: It is recommended you do not place these products in your grow room or tent with flowering cannabis plants. Strong odor neutralizers work so well they can actually reduce or alter the flavor of buds over time. However, these are incredibly effective at neutralizing odors outside the grow area.

These devices use activated carbon to chemically absorb smells and other impurities from any air that is pushed through the filter.

How to Find & Install The Right Carbon Filter

Example of a carbon filter set up in a grow tent – this device scrubs all smells from the air so odors never leak outside the tent

Recommended Marijuana Odor Neutralizer – Ona Products

These products are designed to bind with unpleasant smells so that the smell is “neutralized”. Often they also have a very strong fragrance to help cover up smells.

But Ona products can reduce or alter the smell of your cannabis buds if they share the same air, so you should never place Ona products in the same area as your flowering plants.

If you use Ona products in your living room, den, or other open areas, no one who enters those rooms will be able to smell any sign of your cannabis plants, even if the plants are just a room away.

How to control smell when growing weed

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Due to the recent boom in marijuana users in the US and the UK, many people are opting to grow their own, as it is more cost effective. However, the freedom to grow can quickly turn into an imposition on our neighbors, thanks to the plant’s distinctly pungent odor. Fortunately, there are several measures you can take to minimize the smell of your marijuana garden.

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To hide the smell of marijuana plants, install a carbon filter in the grow room’s exhaust system. Also known as “scrubbers,” the activated carbon in the filter will neutralize the odors in the air as it passes through. Keep the filter running at all times to get rid of the smell of the plants. Be sure to keep the humidity in the room below 70 percent so the filter is more effective. You can also use an odor-neutralizing gel to minimize the smell of your plants. Place an open jar of the gel in the room next to the grow area to absorb the odor-causing particles. Don’t use candles, incense, or air fresheners or the fumes could damage the plants. For tips about how to change the carbon filter to hide the smell of marijuana plants, keep reading!