how much space do you need to grow weed

Whether you want to raise cannabis commercially for profit or are looking to grow some bud for recreational fun or medical marijuana for good health, setting up and using a grow room offers lots of advantages. Unlike growing marijuana outdoors, raising it indoors in a grow room allows you to control all the crucial conditions that affect its growth, like temperature, light, nutrients and water. In addition, growing weed indoors will keep it away from destructive four-legged pests like rabbits and deer who may want your crop.

Grow Room Tips for Cannabis Growing

In addition to high summer temps outside, grow lights themselves can cause excessive heat. If you are battling high heat, look for lights that emit less heat. In addition, you can use fans or portable air conditioners to cool your grow room to the proper temperature.

How to Get Sunlight & Fertilizer for Indoor Cannabis Plants

A grow room might be as small as a closet or as big as a barn. No matter the size of your grow room setup, you want to pamper your plants for maximum growth and strength.

How much space do you need to grow weed

The max number of plants is determined by how many plant containers you can physically fit in your grow space

Ultimately, no matter what technique you use (or even if you use our no-technique plant training) your goal is to to grow a plant with many main buds like this.

Together, these 4 plants have created a canopy that is a similar shape, length and width as the single plant above. This means the yields will be similar (if the light and strain are the same). However, they only needed 6 weeks in the vegetative stage to achieve this size (2 weeks less veg time than the single plant above) so were able to switch the flowering stage sooner.

Example of the manifolding technique in action, which is a specific way to train the plant in the early vegetative stage to create multiple big colas instead of just one.