how long does marijuana grow outdoors

How long does marijuana grow outdoors

This, of course, varies by region. Farmers in California enjoy generally warmer growing seasons and can plant outside earlier while also harvesting later than, say, New York, whose growing season is shorter on both ends. Regardless of where you’re growing, the main goal is to time planting for maximum light during the summer and maximum growth before fall sets in.

Why do growers plant and harvest cannabis at specific times of the year?

As the flowers fatten up, they might become too heavy for the branches to handle, and growers often give their plants some help with a trellis, bamboo canes, or another form of support. Extra nutrients like phosphorus are often given during the flowering stage.

Fall: flowering stage

Early spring: germination stage Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

How long does marijuana grow outdoors

The length of time it takes for a cannabis plant to grow outdoors depends on your latitude. Latitude refers to the distance your location is from the Equator.


When the days get shorter than the night, flowering can begin in photoperiod plants. Auto-flowering plants begin to flower after a certain period of time, not when the light cycle changes.


Environmental factors include: