how long do weed seeds stay good

As we mentioned before, marijuana seeds can be made to last very long if they are refrigerated. Without any interference, marijuana seeds can last a few months before they go bad, even up to a year if they are kept in a cool, dry and dark place, but if they are refrigerated, marijuana seeds can last up to a decade.

How long your seeds will last can vary. If great care is taken for the seeds to be protected from humidity and light, and provided a cool environment the center of the seed will remain dormant, making the marijuana seed last longer. That way, the only thing needed to germinate the seed will be to soak them overnight in water then place them in a damp tissue or Jiffy plug and germinate normally.

There is plenty of debate surrounding how long do marijuana seeds last before they go bad. Some people say that they can last for years if they are kept in the correct conditions, while others disagree and state that they can only be used within 6 months to 1 year after packing. So the question is, how long do marijuana seeds last?

How Long Do Marijuana Seeds Last Before They Go Bad?

Unfortunately, the answer to will a cracked seed still germinate is No. It cannot germinate as the valuable internal part of the seed that contains the genetic information of the plant is exposed, then the seed will no longer germinate. Great care must be taken to ensure the seeds are not damaged or crushed, including putting them in vials stuffed with cotton wool to ensure they don’t rattle around and harm each other.

In some cases the latter may be true, if they are weak genetics or the seeds have been kept in adverse conditions. How long the seeds will last depends totally on the conditions they are stored in. If the seeds are humid or exposed to light, they will not germinate from being damaged internally. It is also essential to add that the seeds must be protected from being crushed.

Cannabis seeds can withstand long amounts of time in storage, as long as they are well protected. A cool, dark environment with no humidity or strong aromas is good to store the seeds for a few months, but if you want to extend the shelf-life of the seeds, then they must be refrigerated.

Will Cracked Marijuana Seeds Still Germinate?

So, how long marijuana seeds will last depends on the care you take to conserve your marijuana seeds in the correct way. If you are very careful marijuana seeds last you for ages. You can even stock up on strains to have your own collection and at the same time, remain self-sufficient throughout the year.

How long do weed seeds stay good

Worse than any of the above are fluctuations in the environment. Even if you just keep the seeds in a drawer in your kitchen, at regular room temperature and humidity, they will last for a good while. Perhaps even a year or two. But if the humidity, the temperature and the light levels keep changing, that lifespan becomes much shorter.

However, it is important to note that the chance of successful germination decreases the older a seed gets. We definitely recommend you use your seeds as quickly as possible, even if you bought a top quality strain from the one of the best seed banks online.


High temperatures also signal germination. You want to keep your seeds in a location that is as cool as possible, without freezing. You can certainly keep them at room temperature, but to maximize their lifespan, try to keep them at temperatures from 42° and 46° F, which is around 6° to 8° C.

Finally, seeds last much longer in a vacuum. They will be fine for a long time if kept in earth’s regular atmosphere, but a vacuum is much better. Even just keeping them in a sealed off location does wonders. They’ll have oxygen, but they won’t have a steady supply of fresh air. Not only does a lack of fresh air prevent germination, it also makes it more difficult for pests to thrive.

Factors Affecting How Long Weed Seeds Are Good For

Put this package inside a glass mason jar. The package should already be dark, but it might be a good idea to wrap the mason jar, too, so that you can ensure complete darkness inside. Add some desiccant, like silica gel packs, to ensure a low humidity level.