how do you stop weeds growing through block paving

How do you stop weeds growing through block paving

Now that you know how to seal block paving to stop weeds growing through, deciding on your chosen sealer that comes with the desired finish requires some careful consideration.

Modern patio sealers offer many different looks and finishes, and at Universeal we offer formulations for all types of paving, including:

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After the sanding is complete, it is advised to seal on the same day, so the sand works alongside the joints as soon as possible.

Why use Universeal block paving sealants?

Place your sand between any gaps, and use your small brush to push it down, whilst brushing it into place.

You want to make sure you sand isn’t overflowing or any higher than the joints themselves. Now with your broom, sweep any excess sand in the joints as this just gives an even spread and also helps with the clean-up.

A point to consider before pressure washing is that you want a thorough clean between each paving slab, but you don’t want to aim your washer underneath the slabs themselves, as this may disturb the bedding the slabs are already placed upon.

Why do you need sand on block paving?

In simple terms, the process of sealing your block paving to stop weed growth is all about first de-weeding the area, then giving it a good clean, placing sand between the block paving and then you’re ready to seal with a quality sealant.

Imagine carefully picking out the perfect block paving to then discover it’s been taken over by weeds… far from ideal. Luckily, this problem can be dealt with in a few simple steps which we’re going to go through below.

How do you stop weeds growing through block paving

Remove any existing weeds before installing the block paving. Dig up the roots using a spade or garden trowel. Move the weeds away from the area so they can’t grow again.

Use drip irrigation or a soaker hose to water nearby plants. This keeps the water near the plants you want to keep and away from potential weeds in the block paving. Without adequate water, the weeds are less likely to grow.

Place landscape fabric underneath the pavers. Cut the fabric to size with scissors and hold it in place with U-shaped pins. Layer the sand bed over the fabric and install the block paving as you normally would.

How do you stop weeds growing through block paving

Acting quickly is key. You should seal your block paving soon after the paving is laid, otherwise seeds can easily find their way into the sandy sub-base. Once embedded into the lower layers, they can be almost impossible to remove. Consequently, you should let your block paving ‘bed in’ for as little time as possible before sealing.

Choosing the Right Sealant

Before starting, ensure the block paving is dry and clean. If possible, leave it a few days between cleaning and sealing. This will enable you to check that the cleaning has not produced any efflorescence (crystalline deposits) on the blocks.

Preparing the Area

Despite their name, all-purpose sealants are actually largely ineffective, offering a one-size fits all approach, as opposed to more targeted tackling of weed growth. Select the sealant that will give you the effect you are looking for: matt, wet look, damp look, low sheen or neutral.