how do you grow hydroponic weed

How do you grow hydroponic weed

There are numerous setups for growing hydroponically with varying benefits that were discussed previously here. And while there are several types of hydroponic setups that don’t use any type of growing medium at all, many of them still use some sort of substrate to support root growth.

Set Up Your Hydroponic Cannabis Growing System

You should continue to monitor your solution by taking readings two times a day to make sure everything is at the correct levels. Regardless, it is good practice to switch out your solutions every week or two to keep the solution as optimal as possible.

Explore Nutrients for Your Hydroponic Cannabis

First we will start with the supplies needed. Keep in mind this is just an example, and depending on your space and desired results, many things can be tweaked in a hydroponic system to make it most beneficial to you. This list specifically outlines equipment needed to install your hydroponic system and does not include lights, fans, filters, and other basic needs for any grow room.

How do you grow hydroponic weed

Although the plants are fed directly from the circulating water, a medium is necessary to provide mechanical support of the plants. A variety of substances are commonly used, including coco coir, gravel, and clay pellets. Rock wool cubes make a good starting foundation for young plants when they first go into the system.

Hydroponic nutrients are available in liquid and powder form. The majority of cannabis growers prefer organically grown flower, so organic nutrients are the best choice. Bottled nutrients are the easiest to use. There are organic options available—or as close as you can get to organic out of a bottle.

This important and large piece of equipment will take up much of your growing space. The function of the table and its tray is to contain and return excess water to the reservoir. The table will have a low point where water collects and travels back to the reservoir before circulating back to the plants again.


There is nothing new about hydroponic growing and the practice has a long history, so this method is not exactly modern, just less common among home cultivators. If you want to take a less conventional approach to your home grow, by all means try your hand at hydroponic cultivation and be the first among your circle of cannabis-growing friends to do so. Let’s discuss what you will need to begin a hydroponic cannabis garden.

Growing this way makes it easy to evaluate water quality and make nutritional adjustments quickly if needed. There are a variety of nutrients on the market, including organic solutions, that are appropriate for growing hydroponic cannabis and were designed specifically for this purpose. Like some soil nutrients, some hydroponic nutrients have additives that automatically adjust water pH, making meter readings and adjustments unnecessary.

Net Pots

After purchasing all of the necessary parts and assembling them, it’s time to build your system. Your equipment supplier may have good advice or instructions to share, so explore that as a possible resource. You want to take the necessary time to make sure it’s working properly well before introducing any plants.

The air pump should always be running to guarantee the water is agitated and well oxygenated. You want the water to be oxygenated and moving.