how cold can marijuana grow

How cold can marijuana grow

Therefore, if some of the best seeds are provided from these countries to the current cannabis market, is because is really possible to grow cannabis during the cold season, taking into account that many of the genetics which can be found in the seed market, have been progressively adapted to European latitudes.

How cold affects marijuana

-If we use indoor lighting: Continuing with the previous point, and if we want to enlarge the photoperiod of the plant with the purpose of promoting its growth, we will have to use indoor lighting, as for example, LEC. In PEV Grow you can find a wide range of lighting equipment to help you getting the best results.

The best varieties for cold climates

-Grow Indica or hybrid strains: They are the ones that, in general, best adapt to this type of climatology. Later on we’ll give you some tips about choosing the best seeds for this kind of weather, but you can take a look at a longer article already published in PEV Grow previously which is about this topic. Sativa strains are better adapted to tropical climates, and therefore need a lot of light intensity.

How cold can marijuana grow

But did you know there’s a type of cannabis that will make buds even if you leave your grow lights on for 24 hours a day?

Vegetative cannabis plants like higher temps when you supplement the grow room with CO2, but there are a few critical things you must know about CO2.

An example of autoflowering plants

If your plant is not insulated from the cold (for example, if it’s growing in the middle of your garage, basement, attic, etc.), then the first step is to make sure your plant is adequately insulated. It’s cheaper and easier to insulate a small space, so create a dedicated grow box or get a grow tent that will act as the outward bounds of your grow area.

7 Essential Concepts About Temperature Control

CFLs & Other Fluorescent Lighting

They are described as “auto-flowering” because these strains will automatically start making buds and be ready to harvest in about 3 months, no matter what light schedule they get! This lets you leave your grow lights on all day, every day, so your plants stay warm!

Too Cold: What To Do

Temperature & Humidity Adjustment Cheat Sheet

Young seedlings tend to grow faster with mid-to-high humidity and warm temperatures.

Cannabis generally prefers slightly cooler temperature at night, and warmer night temperatures will tend to slow down upward growth. But… you can occasionally use this knowledge to your advantage to help control plant growth!

How cold can marijuana grow

Knowing that your plant is in trouble is a warning sign to try to correct the situation, or avoid it in future.

Auto Mazar is a tough and hardy strain, part of the Dutch Passion Afghani Kush cannabis seed collection. Outdoors she takes around 100 days from seed to harvest. She often reaches around 75-100cm in height. If your growing season is very short, even for autoflowers, you can always consider germinating the Auto Mazar seeds indoors and keeping them there for a couple of weeks before placing them outdoors permanently. This way, the plants are protected from the weather/pests while they are at their most vulnerable.

Many outdoor growers make a google check to find out the average date of the last Spring frost in their area. Putting/planting your cannabis plants outside after the last frost is always best practice. The experienced cold climate weed grower may well choose to germinate his outdoor plants in the warmth and safety of the indoors until the last frost has passed. Then the plants can be gradually acclimatised to the great outdoors for a few hours per day before being permanently planted into the best outdoor grow location you can find.

Top 5 strains to grow in cold weather

If you’re growing photoperiod feminised cannabis seeds outdoors in a greenhouse you may want to consider greenhouse blackout blinds. These are used by many licensed greenhouse producers in legal grow environments such as the USA.

Can weed grow in cold climates? Some growers worry at the thought of trying to grow cannabis in cold climates, whether that’s indoor or outdoors. Yes, cold climates present extra challenges for cannabis growers. But they also present some advantages and opportunities. You may find it easier to grow buds with hints of autumnal colours, or easier to prevent grow room temperatures from getting too hot, for example. With good planning and the right cannabis seeds, growing cannabis in cold climates isn’t merely possible, it’s quite straightforward and may even offer some surprising benefits.

Hollands Hope feminised (Dutch Outdoor)

Durban Poison is another member of the proven Dutch Passion Dutch outdoor seed collection with high THC levels and robust outdoor performance.

If you live in a cold climate you need to evaluate the pros and cons of indoor cannabis growing vs outdoor cultivation and then decide which best suits you. To help, we have listed our top 10 tips for growing cannabis in cold climates.