horney goat weed seeds for sale

Horney goat weed seeds for sale

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Sure. I’m brand new to this site but have already learned a lot about Ginseng and woodland plants just from reading through old posts. This website has been a great resource so I’m glad if I can contribute. My interest is mainly in learning about wild-simulated Ginseng and I’m looking forward to continue learning by reading here.

Re:Looking to obtain some "horney goat weed" seed 7 years 10 months ago #27756

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Those could be Sessile Bellworts, or "Wild Oats" to some.

Looking to obtain some "horney goat weed" seed 7 years 10 months ago #27727

Good day to you Cguerette,
Thank you for the quick identification. This is one of the most abundant plants that I have growing with my ginseng and it fits nicely to help shade and not out compete the plantings that I have made.

I’m still looking for seeds or rootstock for Horney Goat weed. anyone know of someone that has any?

Do epimedium set much in the way of seed. I ask because I have just received the SRGC seed list for 2012 (4,500 varieties) and it does not include any epimedium. This seems slightly surprising as the club has many growers of epimedium including myself. I am an enthusiastic doner of seeds but have never collected any off our epimedium.


</p> thank you for your replies ppl . i contacted david at clover hill , but he wont have them till next year . @ seaburngirl , thanx i will try those you mentioned . i cant see why they cant be sent here as it is available here , sometimes lol . thanx again 🙂

It may be worth sending an email to Clover Hill Plants
and asking if they sell seeds. Clover Hill are the main growers and sellers of Epimedium in Australia.


The clover Hill web site indicates that they import epimediums from China, so they will not be on a restricted list.

there are stricct import laws to prevent the spread of diseases etc. But the companies will know for definite if they are allowed to send them.

hi . i live in australia and am looking for some Epimedium Seeds . ( horny goat weed ) cant seem to find any , do you know where i could find them at all ?

a good seed company should be able to supply them. we have several companies in the uk that sell them. but wether they can be imported to you is a different matter.
thompson and morgan is one company and chiltern seeds is another. Look them up and see if they post to you. Good luck.

yes bulb , i know what you mean . im a novice just starting out and want to get some medincinal herbs growing , i can get plenty of dried herbs of horny goat weed , but am having problems getting a plant or seed . apparently seed is hard to come by for it . and as i mentioned clover will have plants for sale next year , but david doesnt know exactly when , so ill have to keep annoying him after xmas to be on the ball to buy one . lol . thanx for all your input ppl appreciate it . 🙂