heat lamp for growing weed

Heat lamp for growing weed

“What lighting source should I use for my licensed cannabis grow?”; “I am comparing LED to HPS for my cannabis operation. Which source do you recommend?” These are questions people ask me almost on a daily basis. We have covered this question in past posts on our blog, like this one by our very own head of marketing: LEDs vs Traditional Lighting but most cannabis growers know that this crop is different than most and many growers have experimented with lighting technologies on a small scale to find they can sometimes increase terpenes and THC levels just by changing their light sources. To begin, let’s unpack the information that exists on this complex topic.

Unpacking Existing Information

This is congruent with other findings that some added blue in flower will cause this. But the reason we see these amounts vary is because every strain reacts differently to different spectrums. Keep in mind that the cannabis plant grew in nature all over the world at different longitudes with different spectrums. With all of the variations of cannabis strains in today’s market made from these ancestral plants from all over the world, each will perform differently under different spectrums.

No manufacturer , supplier, or customer can state they know the optimum LED recipe for cannabis (or tomato’s, or cucumbers, or orchids, etc.) as nobody has tested and tried multiple, different spectrums with each one being tuned to a specific strain or cultivar of each plant type to be able to render a quantifiable opinion.

With LEDs most will use μmol/J (“Micromoles per joule” with joule being a measurement of watts). This is easy math you can do yourself.

Heat lamp for growing weed

Tell us what type of grow you have going. Container size, nutrients, type of soil.

I would suggest transplanting them into their larger pots now. A 5 gallon pot with only one plant per/pot is the best for soil grows. The plant will use the entire 5 gallons of volume for it’s root system. This will enable it to grow without fear of becoming root bound.


A heat lamp is produced to emit as much infrared light as possible. That’s why it’s a heat lamp. Excess infrared hurts marijuana. That’s why you should not use them.

You can use a simple florescent shop light for the vegg cycle of your plant. For 12 plants, (several will be males prob), you’ll need more light.

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If enough florescent lights of the right type are used, they work very well for the vegging cycle. A Halide would work better, but also cost more to operate and produce more heat which would have to be dealt with. HPS works best for flowering, with no exceptions. Each light has a rating for the number of "Lumens" it produces. To grow MJ at it’s optimum, between 3000 and 6000 lumens per/sq/ft of plant canopy is needed regardless of the type of light.