head jack seeds

Head jack seeds


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Head jack seeds

Jack in the pulpit is a woodland understory plant that thrives in rich soil along boggy areas and stream banks. Since this native perennial prefers specific growing conditions, propagating isn’t as simple as just planting jack in the pulpit seeds. For one thing, jack in the pulpit germination is dependent on stratification. Not to worry though, you can still propagate jack in the pulpit from seed with a little preparation. Read on to learn how to plant Jack in the pulpit seeds.

About Jack in the Pulpit Seed Germination

Once the seeds have been stratified, plant them in a container of soilless potting medium and barely cover. Keep the seeds consistently moist. Jack in the pulpit germination should take place in around two weeks.

How to Plant Jack in the Pulpit Seeds

After jack in the pulpit (Arisaema triphyllum) flowers are pollinated by insects crawling into the spathe or hood of the plant, the spathe withers and small clusters of green berries appear. The berries continue to grow and change hue from green to orange by August and then to a brilliant red by September. This fire engine red is the signal to harvest the berries for propagation.