gypsy kush seeds

Gypsy kush seeds

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Gypsy kush seeds

Gypsy Kush by Kannabia Seeds offers sweet earthy flavors with an amazing high despite being a 50/50 hybrid.

Gypsy Kush, High Quality Kush Strain

These plants love to be indoors, and will reward you with professional looking harvests after a relatively short flowering period. You can get up to 450g with 7 plants per square meter as long as you take proper care of it throughout the entire process. Gypsy Kush only takes 8 weeks of flowering to be completely ready to harvest. We recommend keeping EC level lower than 2.2 during the flowering period because it’s not necessary to use high dosages to get amazing buds.

Gypsu Kush Outdoors

Outdoors, this strain will give you healthy, stable plants, especially if you plant it directly in the ground. It doesn’t usually stretch out that much thanks to the fact it originates from indicas with a ridiculously strong growth rate. You can get up to 800g per plant, which will be ready by the start of October. The amount of resin this plant produces is perfect for doing your own oil or hashish extractions.