guerrilla growing weed

Guerrilla growing weed

As you may know, plants need water. When guerilla growing cannabis it is very important to have this in mind because if you live in a dry climate, you will have to find a river, pond or any source of water to plant your cannabis nearby.

Another thing the perfect spot must have is a good amount of vegetation, this is because you need to camouflage your plants so they don’t stand out.


This is a very important aspect of this method of growing, if you choose a spot where there aren’t a lot of plants around, a 2m cannabis plant will stand out, especially when flowering.

2. Finding The Perfect Spot

Have in mind that if you get too anxious and go check on your plant regularly, people may see you, recognize you or your car and if anything happens, they may report you to the police so you don’t have to go near the place you’re growing unless it is extremely important.

Guerrilla growing weed

You can also scare away intruders by using predator urine or even feces (they are sometimes sold in garden centers).

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In my scouting trips, I have often come across a very attractive and promising spot that is very low and swampy and overgrown with rushes that are tall enough to hide my plants. I had this idea to use big plastic containers that would stand in shallow water the way they sometimes stay in trays (indoors) and are watered and fed through the drainage holes in the bottom. I’ve always managed to find a better spot in the end, so I don’t know if this idea would work, but I think that for a medium-sized plant in a very big pot it can be done.

Deer. Can hurt even bigger plants, including those in flower. Hide your garden in thick shrubs and surround it with a fishing line to discourage the deer from going inside.

Checking for Males/Hermies

A lot of grass clippings on the ground make this seedling invisible for curious birds.

Is guerilla growing a sound idea? Suppose one day your friend appeared on your doorstep in hiking gear and with a spade on his shoulder and told you that he was going to make himself a vegetable garden somewhere on the public land and, by fall, grow the best vegetables anyone has ever seen. You’d probably tell him that he was wasting his time and that the result would be pure crap.

Useful tip: Never leave your freshly planted seedlings on the weeded bare ground. This attracts birds who are very curious to check out these new bright green spots. You can lose every single seedling this way. Been there. So pluck a lot of weeds and cover your whole patch with them for the seedlings not to stick out.

Even More Risks (Sorry to be a Buzzkill)

There’s good news ahead, but for now I feel obliged to warn you of more dangers. Like there’s a number of animals that might think you planted cannabis for them to feast upon.

And when the buds start to fatten, you can remove larger and older fan leaves, especially those that block the sun and hinder air movement.