growing weed with led shop lights

Growing weed with led shop lights

If you intend to grow plants from seeds, you should consider getting hanging tube lightings that you can put above the plants. These lights come with special features such as reflectors and other fixtures.

A regular LED light with a red spectrum is recommended for the flowering stage of your plants. But, you should use light with lots of blue bands to ensure that your plants produce heavyweight and resinous flowers.

Incandescent Lights

Can you use regular LED lights for grow lights? The answer is YES and NO. There is a high possibility that any old LED spectrum or color won’t be enough to help the plants grow.

Lights Spectrum and Plant Growth Stage

Best Selling Led Grow Lights On The Market:

Growing weed with led shop lights

Symptoms of lights too close are typically the serrated "teeth" of the leaves starting to scallop if they are too warm, and then the whole leaf starting to curl inward if it’s more serious. A fan can help with that.
I really doubt if you’ll get actual light burn unless the leaves grow right up into the LEDs, but you’ll recognize it when you see it–it kills the leaf tissue.

It’s fun to experiment with different lights. I’m still using my cut-off LED light bulbs for one-plant grows and they work great, but I agree with some of the other posters that there are good LED grow lights out there now for under $100. Me, I’m not buying new lights until the incredibly fast evolution slows down a little. I’m pretty sure that in a couple of years a light you pay $100 for today will be selling for half that, and some of the remaining questions about ideal spectrum will be figured out.

None of the manufactures recommend a height from plant as they aren’t intended for plants! How would one decide the best height with any household LED?


I was just wanting to hear from folks who are experimenting with household LEDs as a different method of lighting. I know there are other. and better. setups, but this one is of interest to me right now. I already own lots of sockets.

I’m using the lights that I bought to experiment with (and a bunch of lights from around the house as well, which I have replaced with incandescents during the grow). It’s fun to see how much you can get out of a limited setup. Last time I grew a dwarf and it was super sticky, but it was also really small.

Wise man say."Always someone who know more."


What wattage are your led round bulbs? How many do you use for your one plant grows? How close to the plant to you keep them? Do you use them in flower as well?

How would one decide how much light is enough? If I were to use these shop lights, they are so bright that I am not sure more than one would be needed over a single plant. It seems like hanging more would just be a waste. Would it be wise to hang one overhead and add some traditional bulb types around the outside of the plant?