growing weed ventilation

Growing weed ventilation

In practice, inline fans should only be used when growing with energy-saving lamps and perhaps also as air intractors, as we’ll see next.

The air intraction system of a cannabis growroom

Never stop the air extraction system completely for some hours, since plants always need a minimum air renewal to ensure a correct respiration.

How to reduce the noise generated by the ventilation system?

Cooltubes are very efficient devices to lower the temperature of the growing space. With this system, some of the heat produced by the bulb is evacuated by the extractor fan to the outside.

Growing weed ventilation

Bigger Grow Lights Need Bigger Fans

Hang exhaust fan from inside the tent to help reduce noise

How to Calculate Exhaust Fan Strength

Stems get stronger due to bending & swaying (like in nature)

1.) What is the temperature and humidity where the plants are? If the plants are experiencing temperatures above 85°F (30°C) or humidity above 60%…

Placing Fans In The Grow Area

Large plants raise humidity fast – Small plants don’t put off a lot of water vapor, but larger plants have a lot of leaves releasing water vapor into the air, causing the humidity to rise quickly unless the humid air is being vented out. Remember that most of the water you’re giving to your plants is being released into the air of your grow space, so you need to find a way to get that humidity out, especially in the flowering stage when high humidity can lead to bud rot.