growing weed plant in apartment

Growing weed plant in apartment

Now, even if you’re abiding all of your state and local laws, as well as your rental agreement, you’ll still want to take preventive measures against the smell of a grow room.

You’ll need to remove your clothes (and find a new place for them), install an exhaust system and a grow light.

Growing Weed in an Apartment: The Smell

Now, you don’t need to tell them you are growing marijuana or anything, but a lot of landlords don’t want indoor growing of any kind.

The first one anyone thinks of is their closest.


But there are quite a few disadvantages to using it for your grow room.

Growing weed plant in apartment

Al cautioned me not to be fooled into buying "top of the line" products—there are LED lights that cost $1,500—when the basics will often suffice.

8. Watering. Al believes in an "active method," so he suggests watering the plants every day.


"Back in the 80s it would have been a lot harder. You would have had to source info on creating your own mineral profile… Now the industry has afforded the layman the availability to skip all of that and you can get it all pre-packaged."

4. Cut another hole in the front of the box and mount the fan outside of that hole.

5. Germinate the seeds. Al said the easiest method is to put four or five drops of vitamin B1 into 500 ml of water and drop your seeds into the water. They need to be in an environment that's slightly above room temperature.

Growing weed plant in apartment

If you have a space with more than 4 hours of direct sunlight and you’re sure that there’s no light contamination at night you can grow both feminized seasonal plants, regular plants as well as autoflowering strains.

2. Growing Weed Discreetly

When growing on a balcony or roof space, one of the most important points is discretion, as your neighbors might not be as in favor of your new hobby as you are, and some of them might even want to take tour plants. Plus, the aroma can be quite a give away for the authorities. In order to avoid any of these scenarios we recommend following these steps:

Autoflowering flowerpots

Outdoor growing season starts as soon as spring arrives, although depending on where you live it may or may not be possible to start growing, this depends on the temperature and how hot the sun is. Regardless of this factor, we recommend growing various autoflowering plants (normal or XL) combined with a few seasonal plants that are either fast, early versions or normal flowering plants.