growing weed outdoors in minnesota

This method of growing is the fastest way i know of to harvest a good crop without much outdoor exposure. It’s cheap in that you only need one female plant and that can come from bag seed, but quality strains are better. Site development is minimal and easy. Its the only way I can grow 12-14 week flowering strains, so I know its the only way anyone north of me can grow long flowering strains, without a greenhouse. This method is not about growing marijuana plants. but instead, just growing marijuan buds using controlled forced flowering


No pest problems here, i know of know creature that will try to eat resin producing mj. Before flowering it may be eaten, but not stinky buds.
These 20" plants are very easy to hide. I have a few spots where i have more than 1, but not many. They never get found. Im only outdoors for 60 days and I harvest 5lbs of weed.


also get the stocks well established, run a oscillating fan 24/7
this is so when you go to put them outside the animals cant do much damage.
or you could always set up a fence around your babies.

Growing weed outdoors in minnesota

Cities like Minneapolis, Minnesota City, Saint Paul, and others are coming forward to grow marijuana in Minnesota. As of now, there is no specific law regarding the growing of marijuana in Minnesota. But, if you get caught, then you will have to pay felony charges depending on the weight of the marijuana.

Know about the Weed Tax in Minnesota

To obtain a grower license for marijuana in Minnesota is $150. Also, you have to pay $250 to obtain a professor license.

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Fees for grower license in Minnesota

If you get caught with more than 42 grams of weed, then you will have to pay a fine of $200 for the first time. Also, you are caught with more than 1.4 grams of weed in a vehicle then, you will be put behind bars for 90 days.