growing weed on apartment balcony

Growing weed on apartment balcony

So, before you germinate your seeds and turn on your grow lights, make sure you’re allowed to grow indoors with whoever is in charge of your lease.

Today, we’ll talk about the ways you can grow weed in an apartment, some tips on apartment growing and the rules you’ll have to work with.

Growing Weed in an Apartment: The Smell

What you need is an exhaust hooked up to an active carbon filter.

Am I Allowed to Grow in my Apartment?

Taking your grow to a tent also helps prevent the added humidity from causing water damage to your walls (which can potentially cost you your deposit), but also protects your floors from any potential water spills.

Growing weed on apartment balcony

How much sun comes through your balcony? For how many hours? Is the weather rather hot or cold? It’s questions like these that will help choose the right strains.

2. Selecting The Right Spot

The ideal growing medium should be organic, with good draining and air circulation, such as coco coir; it should include worm castings, bat guano and other fertilizers; and rocks/stones for extra drainage.

5. Starting At The Perfect Timing

The growing medium of your plant is another vital aspect that will definitely influence the final results. When we grow directly on ground soil, cannabis plants have access to unlimited nutrients, and the capacity to extend their roots as far as they need to get them.

Growing weed on apartment balcony

Fortunately, for back-yard and balcony growers in most Canadian provinces and some American states, there is currently no legal reason to try and hide the smell of cannabis.

Sunshine girls

“Cannabis grows very fast, so it can sometimes be very hard to maintain,” says Wallace.

Size matters

But generally, autoflowering cannabis will do well in a lightly fertilized to nonfertilized soil mix with a pH of between 6.0 and 7.0. Go easy on the fertilizer during the seedling stage.