growing weed indoors vs outdoors

Growing weed indoors vs outdoors

Indoor is much more expensive, especially when you're first getting started. It costs $500+ initially for most setups for 4-6 plants. Learn more about different indoor growing setups. When growing indoors, at the very least you will need to pay for grow lights and containers to grow your plants in. Most serious indoor growers also invest in a grow tent or convert a closet/wardrobe/cupboard into a suitable growing environment.

On the other hand, there are fewer unexpected influences that can affect your plants indoors, especially compared to Mother Nature, so growing indoors is often more predictable.

For those who have easy access to a great grow spot, growing outdoors can be the perfect option that takes very little work to grow a whole lot of buds.

Some people will use a mixture of the two and grow their plants indoors during the vegetative stage when they need constant light, then transport them outdoors when they are ready to start flowering and only need 12 hours of light a day.

Only one harvest per year unless you live near the equator

Indoor gives you the ability to be very stealthy. An indoor garden can be almost 100% secure with a light-tight grow area with a carbon filter to neutralize any smells. Yet if you don't take the time to properly hide/secure your garden and take care of odor, you may run into problems when friends or family come over. If you are worried about stealth and do get caught with plants indoors, there's not much you can do to deny that they belong to you since they're located in your home.

As someone who lives in the middle of a big city, when I first started growing marijuana, my garden was indoors because that's really the only choice I had at the time. At first I felt like a mad scientist, but after a while my indoor grows became easy and routine. Now that I've grown indoors several times, I've realized I truly enjoy being the total master of my garden and consistently harvesting ultra-dank buds every 3-4 months.

Growing weed indoors vs outdoors

Another pro of growing marijuana outdoors is that once you put marijuana plants in soil, they feed off the nutrients. Therefore, feeding cannabis plants outdoors is less costly due to the number of natural nutrients available to them in the soil.

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Outdoor Growing – Cons

If you live in an unsuitable climate for growing marijuana, you have little choice but to grow it indoors. The downsides of indoor growing include incredibly high start-up costs and lots of maintenance. On the plus side, you can grow several batches of crops per year. Once you get used to indoor farming, you’ll find that it is much easier than you initially imagined.

Therefore, marijuana plants grown in California’s glorious sunlight will dwarf the smaller yields of indoor plants. To replicate natural sunlight in an indoor grow room can be exceptionally costly. We will discuss this in more detail in the ‘Cost of Growing Marijuana Indoors’ section below.

Indoor Growing

As a result, the buds remain in almost perfect condition throughout the growing process and only begin to degrade after harvesting. Because you are only dealing with a few plants, it is easy to harvest when they are in peak condition. The same holds true when drying and curing a small crop.