growing weed in wardrobe

Once you’re clear on your secret weed grow location, ensure that you have all the needed equipment. You’ll need fixtures to install your grow light, and you need to decide on the container of your plants as well as the seeds so you can start the growing process. You also have to figure out how you will water your plants.

Mission Possible: Growing Weed in Your Closet

Last but not least, it’s also good to think of an “emergency” plan or what you are going to do if somebody spills the beans to someone like your parents. Would you be able to discard your closet swiftly, or can you mask the closet so that it still looks like you are keeping clothes inside it? When you are done contemplating your grow strategy, follow the next five steps to fulfill your closet grow mission.

Converting Your Closet Into a Grow Room

Nutrients will enrich the soil, potentially helping your plant to grow bigger buds, but you also want to be reasonable with the dosages. You can purchase nutrients from a local garden shop or a dispensary or you can prepare a modest dose of organic tea compost by yourself.

It also depends on how easy it is for light to penetrate the canopy. Plant leaves absorb and block red light, but allow far-red light to pass right through.

How tall do cannabis plants grow?

So if your plants are densely packed, with crowded leaves and little space between them, the lower parts of the plants will receive a relatively much higher level of far-red light (as much as 20 times more!) compared to red than the top layer of the canopy, because the top leaves block most of the red light.

You can also change the ratio during the flower period – so in early stages of flower, you can fine-tune your spectrum to minimize stretch.

Controlling Stretch

Some newer models emit far-red and UV light, and can be precisely controlled to emit the exact percentages of each type of light.

One final point about stretching, if you want to get technical – the ratio of red to far-red light influences the amount that your plants will stretch (i.e. the distance between the internodes).

So, in order to ensure your plants stay small, you should pick strains that will remain short-statured throughout their life cycle, start flowering as early as possible, and/or agressively prune and train your plants to keep them under control.

Airflow and Aroma

If nighttime temperature is the same as daytime temperature, stretch is reduced.

But it’s clear that fine-tuning the ratios of all three (along with UV light) can have some very significant effects on plant growth.

Growing weed in wardrobe

While there are several different types of grow lighting options available, we highly recommend opting for LED. Why? Because it has been proven time and time again to yield unbeatable results; plus, LED lights don’t emit a lot of heat, and as such, they’re well-suited for growing cannabis in an enclosed space, like a closet. There are several top-quality, reliable LED grow lights, and some of the options that we recommend include:

Or maybe you aren’t successful. But hey, that’s all part of learning and we all have to start somewhere. If you are active in your local community, it wouldn’t hurt asking people’s opinions and advice at the local stores where you get supplies or even at dispensaries as a lot of people who are “active in the local scene” also may have experience you lack.

However, just because other growers have done it, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “that doesn’t mean that I’ll be able to do it”.

Grow Medium

First, let’s explore some of the benefits of growing ganja in a closet. Here’s a look at some great reasons why transforming a closet into your designated weed cultivation spot.

When you’re growing weed in a closet, grow medium options are the same as they would be when growing anywhere else. A small-scale hydroponic system is one option, which offers easy to maintain irrigation and provides better control; plus, plants tend to grow faster with hydroponic systems.

Your first closet grow can be a little intimidating; however, with the right supplies, set-up, and patience, you should be able to successfully cultivate your very own ganja under the radar of prying eyes (and noses).

Seeds or Plants

You’ll have a much easier time establishing and maintaining the ideal conditions in a closet, and of course, when your weed grows in the ideal environment, naturally, your buds are going to be a whole lot better.

Trust us, it is possible. You absolutely can grow weed in a closet! To do so, all you need is a closet (obviously), a few basic supplies, a little bit of knowledge, and some patience. Heck, you can buy a complete all-in-one kit to get started that has every thing you need. As long as you have these things, there’s no reason why you can’t become a successful “closet grower”.