growing weed in soil bags

Kit includes six 5-gallon Grow Bags and 2 cubic feet of our Pot-Ing Mix.

Formulated specifically for growing Cannabis, Pot-Ing Mix is simply made of fluffy coconut coir, pearlite, peat moss, and nutrient-packed organic compost. Keep your plants happy, and disease-free with this lightweight, well-draining grow medium. No added chemical nutrients or unnecessary fillers. We believe the best plant food comes from organic matter, the way nature intended.

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Formulated over time by soil experts and home growers, Pot-Ing Mix is a superior grow medium that’s naturally formulated to cultivate huge cannabis yields.

Growing weed in soil bags

3.) Add 1 bag of Biobizz Light-Mix (there should be 1 bag left)

Huge mixing container (enough to hold

Another cool thing is you use a smart pot exactly the same as a regular pot, and still get those benefits.

2 bags x 50L (35 lbs) Biobizz Light-Mix soil (Total of 70lbs)

That’s why with super soil, your main job as the grower is to simply water your plants and watch them grow. There’s no need for complicated nutrients, chemicals, managing pH and other factors that can make growing cannabis more difficult or time-consuming throughout the grow.