growing weed in scotland

Across the UK, there are three classes of illicit substances. Class A, B and C. Cannabis is a Class B category in Scotland, alongside other substances such as speed, ketamine, and some versions of codeine which all also sit in the Class B category.

It would seem by the crime recording figures that recently the Police have a more relaxed approach to cannabis in Scotland with around five hundred people a month found to be in possession of cannabis and who face no consequences. Where quantities are larger and other factors come into play and supply is suspected, then prosecution is more likely.

Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Scotland?

Cannabis is Scotland’s most widely used illegal drug. Polls have shown that around 47% of people living in Scotland supported cannabis legalization, 37% were against legalization and the remaining 17% were uncertain.

The law concerning cannabis is common throughout the UK and is regulated by The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971

Is CBD Legal in Scotland?

Judging by the evidence and data collected from all over the world regarding the potential medical benefits and not to mention the economic benefit that some countries have recorded, it would seem that opinion is tending to lean in favour of cannabis legalisation

Compost bags or other gardening equipment are left outside the property.

Because of the high amounts of electricity used to power the farms, cannabis factories can pose a fire risk to the surrounding area.

Large quantities of materials are taken to or removed from the property in bin bags or laundry bags – these could be filled with cannabis or growing products such as fertiliser.

A pungent smell comes from the property. IMachinery noises (for example, the noise of cooling fans) can be heard coming from the property.

What are the signs?

If you notice a combination of the following at a flat or house in your area, it's possible that it's being used as a cannabis factory:

Cannabis factories are set up to intensively farm cannabis plants and produce cannabis in bulk. They are often built in empty flats, houses and garages in residential areas. Cannabis factories are often set up by organised crime gangs, and are relatively new in Scotland.

The property has a vent sticking up from the roof or through a window.

What is a cannabis factory?

Cannabis factories are set up to mass produce the drug cannabis. If you suspect a cannabis factory is operating in your area, you should report it to Crimestoppers as soon as possible. Cannabis factories can cause fire risks.

No-one appears to live on the premises, and the property is visited for short times only at unusual times of the day and night.

Growing weed in scotland

Frisian Duck. With the unique leaf shape Frisian Duck seeds are ideal for outdoor growers wanting a stealthy, self-camouflaging photoperiod feminised outdoor strain. Also available in autoflower seeds as Auto Duck.

The threat of frost has gone (apart from some Scottish areas) and summer has arrived. With long days, your plants should establish themselves and start to thrive.

Those growing cannabis in the UK may also consider LST (low stress training) for tying down particularly tall plants. June is a good time to start, before the plants get too large to easily manipulate.

Many that grow cannabis outdoors in the UK have found autoflower seeds are a great way to complement their normal photoperiod crop. What’s more, the autoflower harvest is much more likely to succeed since the mid summer weather is significantly more reliable than the weather in late September or early October.

What are the best cannabis seeds for the UK climate?

Be sure to remove any weeds and don’t be afraid to chop down surrounding vegetation which threatens to rob your plants of valuable sunlight. Re-applying a layer of mulch can deter weeds from getting established and it doesn’t harm to reapply slug/snail pellets.

Greenhouse cannabis growers may see 30ºC temperatures. Ensuring sufficient water is vital. Check for signs of pest infestation and also check for nutrient deficiencies. If you are growing in good quality, moist, nutritious soil then you shouldn’t see any issues. But it never does any harm to continually monitor the health of your plants.

Some, but not all, of the Dutch Passion outdoor seed collection can be grow in the UK. But much depends on the specific climate in your region. A lot also depends on the specific year you choose to grow in. Some years (admittedly not many of them) have long warm autumns which will allow growers in Northern regions to grow a selection of outdoor feminised strains such as Frisian Dew, Hollands Hope, Durban Poison, Shaman, Passion #1.

Which of these four types of climate do you live in?

Photoperiod feminised seeds tend to take 5-6 months to complete their outdoor grow cycle. This means that you may not be harvesting until the changeable October weather arrives. But you will often have larger plants and heavier harvests.

Some southern growers will be able to harvest their photoperiod plants in September. Northern growers may need to wait a few more nervous weeks and hope the October weather stays good enough.