growing weed in northern ireland

Growing weed in northern ireland

In the past few years, there has been a distinct increase in the number of Cannabis Factories discovered across Northern Ireland.

Often these Cannabis Cultivations are controlled by Organised Criminal Gangs and they have been discovered in large scale commercial sites in Industrial Estates and also rural locations in outbuildings/barns rented out for commercial purposes by the owner of the land. Often cannabis factories have been discovered in residential rental properties, from a 2 bed flat or a 7 bedroom house. Extensive damage is often caused to the building during the installation and subsequent removal of the cannabis cultivation and this can run into thousands of pounds, ultimately the liability of the landlord or their insurance company.

Identifying a few simple early warning signs and by carrying out due diligence in relation to their properties this risk can be drastically minimized. Protect Your Investment from the Drug Dealer – Advice for Landlords leaflet.

Growing weed in northern ireland

Revealing that the plants included 20 which were mature or close to maturity as well as nine immature plants and 45 smaller plants, the prosecutor said that £15,000 in cash was also found.

Pril – who now lives on Belfast's Botanic Avenue and who represented himself in court – spoke of his medical problems which include depression, IBS and eczema, and reiterated the point that he was growing the cannabis for himself to make cannabis oil.

The prosecutor said that after Pril's two mobile phones were seized and examined, there was nothing to implicate him in dealing or supplying the drugs to anyone else. Other items in his rented home, including the storage of food, suggested he was in fact a prepper.

He also revealed that it was his intention to return to Poland to help look after his cancer-stricken mother.

Outlining the background, a Crown prosecutor said police searched the house in East Belfast which at the time was being rented by Pril, and that during the search a number of cannabis plants were located at various stages of maturity.

Growing weed in northern ireland

Initially, the PSNI said the search had uncovered £500,000 worth of cannabis at the property. However, on Thursday the police upgraded the drugs haul to close to £1m. The PSNI said two men who had been arrested, aged 36 and 21, were assisting with enquiries.

The scratch cards contain an element that replicates the smell of cannabis in its growing state, which is different to the smell of the herb being smoked. The police said the cards would help the public detect cannabis production plants. The cards also carry an assurance from the PSNI reading: “It’s completely safe; there are no drugs in the card, it’s just the smell of the plant.”

Stephen Wright, a detective chief inspector, said: “Officers on patrol in this area noticed a smell of cannabis and their subsequent enquiries led them to this cannabis factory. We are pleased to have removed this amount of cannabis from circulation in our community and I would urge anyone who has information in relation to drugs to contact us immediately on 101.”

Last month the PSNI issued “scratch and sniff” cards, bearing a cannabis scent, across the region to counter the increasing number of cannabis factories being discovered in Northern Ireland.

The vigilant “bloodhound” noses of a police patrol in Northern Ireland have helped uncover a cannabis factory with an estimated street value of £1m worth of the drug.