growing weed in colorado apartment

Growing weed in colorado apartment

Brown discovered it when he pulled the unit away from the wall. “If I would have grabbed that, I would have been dead. It scared me to death.”

Green said Housing Guru is managing properties all along the Front Range. Tenants range in age from 24 into their 60s, Green said. They include accountants, scientists, even a police officer.

He did some research, learning that tenants are willing to pay higher than market-rate rents to have a home where they can grow with the landlord’s knowledge.

Growing weed in colorado apartment

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My recommendation is that if you don't live at your apartment all the time, don't do it. Better to just buy what you need instead. On top of the inspection issues that come with an apartment, you also have to think about how you're going to get your grow supplies without being found out (either by delivery packaging/return addresses or by being seen carrying stuff into your apartment). It's just a lot of logistics, risk and hassle.

I am moving to Colorado in 2 years and was wondering what the prevailing policies at Denver apartments were as far as a small grow tent grow in a rental. I appreciate any insights on this.

Late to the party here, but I can give you some additional info. First of all, like everyone has said, the lease in any decent apartment complex will forbid you from growing. If you decide to grow anyway, you're taking a risk because if you get caught and evicted it's going to be hard for you to find another place.

Everyone will against it, even if it’s a technicality because of federal laws. Especially since AG sessions over turned the memo saying for the feds to stop raiding legal states. It’s still Wild West for the Cannbis industry. Plus, you wouldn’t want Denver. They just added pretty strict growing rules at a 12 plant limit. In Pueblo you can still go up too 99 with a medical card. If you’re a grower, Pueblo is kinda the spot to be. Please, follow the laws. They will raid you, and watch for power spikes in the grid.

Growing weed in colorado apartment

Despite passage of Amendment 64 in Colorado, the fact remains that the cultivation or possession of marijuana is still illegal under federal law, and marijuana is considered a Class 1 Controlled Substance. In the past, the federal government has said it will not aggressively enforce federal marijuana laws in states like Colorado that have legalized pot. However, there is still a risk. If a leased property is used as a commercial grow house, the property remains at risk of being seized by the government.

If a landlord or property manager wishes to prohibit marijuana use in his or her rental properties, he or she should incorporate a crime and drug-free lease clause into his or her lease agreement. Under Colorado law a landlord may evict a tenant for failing to abide by the drug policy contained in the lease agreement.

Marijuana Use on Property

In the following video, Don Eby, a partner at Robinson & Henry and real estate lead attorney, discusses landlord rights regarding marijuana use on property.

Prohibiting Marijuana Growth on Property

On Nov. 6, 2012, Colorado became one of the first states in the union to permit recreational use of marijuana. While the full ramifications of this amendment’s impact are still being sorted out, the impact on landlord tenant relationships in Colorado is clear.