growing weed in coco peat

Growing weed in coco peat

​ This stage lasts until your plant is about half the size you want it to be in the end. After your plant has grown half the desired size, it’s time for the next step.

Often when growing cannabis in coco coir, it is helpful to supplement with extra Calcium and Magnesium as calcium deficiencies & magnesium deficiencies are relatively common in coco coir. There are many supplements that provide a boost of these nutrients, and pretty much all of them will work fine. A commonly seen one called “Cal-Mag” by Botanicare works well (and is pretty inexpensive), and so does “CaliMagic” from General Hydroponics. Coco coir is an excellent growing medium as long as you maintain the pH between 5.5 – 6.5 and make sure the plants have enough calcium and magnesium.

This moving gif should hopefully give you an idea.

1.) Gather all materials and place everything near your tub (or wherever you’re going to rehydrate to coco coir bricks)

9.) Fill your containers with potting mix

10.) Repeat steps for second brick of coco coir & remaining half of perlite bag

You don’t need any other nutrients to grow marijuana; the Flora trio + Cal-Mag will give your cannabis plants what they need to flourish through the vegetative and flowering stages.

3.) Put the first coco brick inside the liner

This is a tried and tested nutrient system for any type of hydroponic growing including coco coir. You can actually follow their nutrient schedule listed on the included nutrient schedule; it’s formulated for plants like cannabis.

Growing weed in coco peat

Ease of Use

The Benefits of Coco Coir

Coco coir is made with recyclable and reusable materials, which means you can extend its life beyond just a few growing cycles. Unlike pebbles that are usually thrown out after each grow, or soil that needs to be rejuvenated with nutrition, coco coir is easier to maintain and keep reusable after multiple grows.

How Do I Use Coco Coir?

Once your coco coir is ready, you can fill your growing pots. Next, you’ll want to water your plants. Properly watering your plants will determine how successful your coco harvest will be.