growing organic cannabis for beginners

Growing organic cannabis for beginners

For now that is all I have I hope this gets some traction and helps somebody!

Lay everything out on a tarp as evenly as you can. Lay the soil, worm castings and perlite first in even layers. Then evenly sprinkle the rest of the larger amendments across the entire surface (except for the epsom salt, sweet lime, azomite and humic acid, and beneficial bacteria, which are needed in extremely tiny amounts and will be added at the end).

Some growers choose to grow “fully organic” while other growers are happy with “semi-organic” growing.

“We added coco coir and hydroton for additional aeration since Black Gold organic soil does not contain coco. Once soil is mixed, we transferred to garbage cans with lids or cover for 40-60 days for soil to innoculate. After 40-60 days a mold layer will have developed. Mix mold into dirt and it is ready for use.”

There are many recipes for mixing soil, but the one included below has been tried-and-tested for growing marijuana, and has proven itself to produce outstanding organic buds.

The main idea is to get a base soil and amend it with nutrients. You are trying to create to make living soil that mimics the composition of a thriving natural ecosystem, where life and death work in symbiosis.

You want all the microbes that a compost tea has in order to keep the ecosystem in your pot thriving! It will help innoculate all the beneficial fungi in your soil and help break down the large organic materials like the bone meal and blood meal.

After mixing your mix together it is time to put everything into a container and to water it all.

First I will share the “traditional” way of growing organic marijuana which involves mixing your own super soil, then I’ll share a “hands-off” alternative to organic growing.

Growing organic cannabis for beginners

Tools you’ll need and how much they cost

Cloning Weed: A Beginner’s Guide to Cloning A Cannabis Plant


It’s the cheapest non-toxic method currently available and could save you thousands of dollars from one yield alone, making them the perfect option for anyone who doesn’t mind a small colony of visitors for a few days.