growing marijuana outside in massachusetts

For more information on fire safety and cannabis in your home, click here to view a flyer from the Massachusetts Department of Fire Services.

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When making concentrates, extracting cannabis oil with flammable materials, such as propane and butane, is illegal. These materials release vapors that can easily trigger explosions. Consider alternative extraction methods.

“The fall here is really tough with all the rain,” said Greg “Chemdog” Krzanowski, a longtime underground grower in Massachusetts who recently joined the legal business as the head of cultivation for Canna Provisions. “You have to find strains that finish [flowering] in September. Any later and you run into a lot of mold problems. You’ll be out there every day at 5 a.m. shaking all the dew and mist off.”

Colorado, California, Oregon, and many other states with legal marijuana require testing only for a handful of specific pathogens, such as salmonella and aspergillus. Massachusetts, on the other hand, places a low limit on the total amount of bacteria and fungus in each batch of regulated cannabis, regardless of whether they are harmful or benign species.

Ono figures that despite the region’s limited growing season, outdoor-grown marijuana’s vastly lower upfront costs and artisanal marketability will make it a winner when the state cannabis sector matures or interstate trade is legalized and prices decline.

Regulators will reconsider the state’s strict microbe standard

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State regulators say they are listening and considering revisions to the rule. Among the suggestions submitted to the Cannabis Control Commission: raising the microbe limits for outdoor-grown cannabis, allowing slight deviations above the current thresholds, or ditching total microbe counts in favor of tests for specific pathogens.

The problem? The marijuana, which was grown outdoors last season, flunked the strict laboratory tests for microbes that all legal cannabis in Massachusetts must pass before sale.

alt=”Holistic Health Group cofounder Colonel Boothe stood under the security cameras that monitor his company's outdoor cannabis farm in Middleborough.” width=”” height=”” />Holistic Health Group cofounder Colonel Boothe stood under the security cameras that monitor his company's outdoor cannabis farm in Middleborough. Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff