growing marijuana in tomato cages

I think using a cage would make the stem weaker because it wouldn’t need to strengthen up (roots .. yes, I’m about to get to that). For example, if I don’t put some wind on my plants with fans, the stems never thicken up. This matters because the thicker it is, the more nutrients the stem can process. My point being that making the stem support itself makes for a stronger overall plant. (A different concept than using trellis to control how much light each bud gets.) I think this means that giving your plant support with a cage weakens the stem, which weakens everything else.


Nice work on the lego part, that was hilarious.


if you take care of the roots, you’re bound to have abundant foliage, and maybe those cages will help out next time.

Growing marijuana in tomato cages

You can still use bamboo stakes if you’re letting your cannabis plants grow for a short time but because they’re exposed to rain and are in the soil, they can rot. When bamboo rots, it can spread to your cannabis plants and they can suffer from mold (like powdery mildew) which can damage your plants and can easily spread to other plants nearby.

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Pros and Cons By Method

Sometimes, when growing indoors, our cannabis plants can grow too much in a limited growing space and their buds end up extra heavy, for this reason, growers use techniques to support the branches. This can also happen outdoors, although then the problem is not the lack of space but the heavy buds of your cannabis plant.

Every grower wants to know how to grow cannabis outdoors and harvest big dense buds, but that can be a problem when growing outdoors. Considering that you don’t have walls or a structure to tie a SCROG net as you would indoors, you’ll have to come up with a way of supporting the extra weight. Obviously, you’re not obligated to do it but why risk those beautiful buds at the end of the flowering period?

1. Why Support Plants Outdoors?

“Avoid using a thin net because it can end up cutting into the branches!”

Growing marijuana in tomato cages

Wire cannabis supports have been available for a number of years, but aren’t as well known as other methods. Similar to tomato cages, cannabis supports feature wire rings at various heights to support branches. However, the overall design mirrors the natural shape of a cannabis plant, with a wide base that better supports lower branches.

Materials required: Wire tomato cages, bamboo sticks, string or Velcro

Trellis Netting

Materials required: Netting, bamboo sticks (plus string or Velcro if plants are accessible)

Extendable Wire Cannabis Supports

Labor required: 5-10 minutes per plant, 2-3 times per flower cycle

Velcro or string are two of the most common materials used to support marijuana plants as they grow. By week five or six, the stalks become strained by the growing weight of the buds, requiring additional support. Using 50- to 100-foot rolls of half-inch green Velcro or string, the material is cut to length and affixed from the heavy branch to the center stalk.

Wire Tomato Cages