growing marijuana in nsw

Growing marijuana in nsw

This meant that no convictions were recorded on his criminal record, and he was able to pursue his career as a lawyer.

However, our specialist lawyers argued that there was not enough evidence to show that our client was selling the substances as illegal drugs.

Experienced in Drug CasesExperienced in Drug Cases

A ‘section 10’ is where you are found guilty of the charges but no conviction is recorded on your criminal record.

Outstanding Track RecordOutstanding Track Record

Police arrested our client in Woolloomoolloo when they suspected him of possessing drugs.

Patients wishing to be prescribed cannabis products must obtain a prescription from a doctor who is authorised to prescribe the product. Doctors can apply to the NSW Health Department for this authority.

The Narcotic Drugs Act 1967 was amended in 2016 to contain a provision allowing a person to apply for a medicinal cannabis licence (Section 8E). Once a licence has been obtained, the holder is permitted to obtain, produce and cultivate cannabis plants or cannabis resin for medical purposes. The cannabis must be grown and stored under strict controls. The license holder must have a suitable location, facilities and a proposed security arrangement for the operation to take place. To be granted a licence, an applicant must show that they are a fit and proper person, must not have been found guilty of a serious offence in the last 10 years and must show that they will ensure the physical security of the drug.

Federal licencing scheme

A range of medical conditions, including epilepsy, MS, HIV and chronic pain, can be treated with medicinal products made from cannabis plant.

Medicinal cannabis

When a person grows cannabis otherwise than under the federal licensing scheme, he or she commits an offence. In New South Wales it is an offence to cultivate, supply or knowingly take part in the cultivation or supply of a prohibited plant (Section 23, Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act).