growing cannabis outdoor vs indoor

Growing cannabis outdoor vs indoor

Another pro of growing marijuana outdoors is that there is the potential for a much higher yield. Generally speaking, outdoor farms produce significantly higher yields than their indoor equivalents. Certain strains also produce much higher yields outdoors than indoors, simply because they prefer an outdoor environment.

Although you can benefit from several harvests per annum, it means constant work. Lighting alone can be a total bank breaker. We’ve heard stories of home growers who face monthly energy bills of over $4,000!

Outdoor Growing – Cons

Certain marijuana strains grow to enormous sizes and are entirely unsuitable for indoor growers due to the space required. You can’t grow a 15-foot plant indoors unless you have access to a warehouse!

All plants require carbon dioxide (CO2) to thrive. You can replicate or even enhance CO2 levels inside using equipment like CO2 canisters, but it can be expensive. Naturally, this is one expense associated with growing cannabis plants that outdoor growers don’t have to incur.

Cost of Growing Marijuana Outdoors

This guide will provide you with the key differences between growing cannabis plants indoors versus outdoors, as well as the costs involved.

Growing cannabis outdoor vs indoor

Indoor takes more work from you on a regular basis because there are more variables you must control, and more that you must personally provide to give your plants a good growing environment.

Quality of Buds

What do you need to consider when choosing whether to
grow marijuana indoors or outdoors?


Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Growing cannabis outdoor vs indoor

Can you differentiate which one was cultivated indoors and which was cultivated outdoors?

Trichome Density

The biggest case for growing weed outdoors is energy efficiency. Using all sunlight, or even just partial use of sunlight, to grow cannabis can save home growers and large-scale producers a lot of money in energy consumption. To take advantage of daylight and to take into account its variation during the year, many facilities have adopted a supplemental light grow in states where regulations permit it. Supplement light means the growers are using the sun when they can and then use lights when sunlight is unavailable, if the weed needs it.

Can You Smoke Brown Weed?

Yes, you can, but it’s not going to be as potent or flavorful. The three things that degrade cannabis are heat, light, and time. When brown in color, weed has lost some of its potency and therapeutic value as the cannabinoids, such as THC, have been degraded. In addition, it’s lost a lot of its smell and flavor as the terpenes have potentially oxidized or evaporated. Smoking brown weed will not severely injure you or make you sick, but it is not suggested for use.