growing cannabis in georgia

Marijuana cultivation laws vary from state to state but each state has one thing in common: the penalties for conviction are severe! So no matter where you live, make sure you immediately contact an experienced marijuana defense attorney if you have recently been charged with marijuana cultivation.

In Georgia, it is against the law to possess, distribute, or grow marijuana. The charges for these crimes are serious and the penalties include jail time, probation, prison, and expensive fines. In addition to these consequences, your driver’s license will be suspended even if you are not driving a vehicle at the time of your arrest. This is why you’ll especially want to have a qualified Georgia defense attorney to make sure your rights are protected.

Not everyone charged with marijuana cultivation has a field of pot plants growing in their backyard. In fact, you don’t even have to have any plants growing to be charged with this crime. Simply possessing the organic materials can lead to a marijuana cultivation charge. For example, it is illegal to own cannabis seeds or the lighting systems that can be used to grow marijuana plants indoors.

Growing cannabis in georgia

State lawmakers, however, did not set up any special formal legal preference for minority-, women- or veteran-owned businesses. Some state legislators, mainly Democrat and Black legislators, pushed for some kind of preference, but those moves failed in the Republican-run legislature. Instead, the Commission will gather data from applicants for a disparity study to measure whether the state is exclusionary in its license-issuance.

“I think it’s really important for the industry, and for potential small business investors who are interested in this industry, to know that this is an economic development opportunity for Georgia, said Andrew Turnage, executive director of the Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission.

Opponents think that medical cannabis will lead to something they oppose: recreational marijuana.